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DNA putting gaming on the map with the Ministry of Education

Who would have thought this would be streamed into schools in NZ?!

It has been a busy few months as us here at DNA have taken on the task to bring Get into Gaming to life, a joint project with the Ministry of Education here in NZ to help inform and inspire our young ones about the reality of the gaming industry. Showcasing the many different career pathways within the industry and how kids can start on that pathway from esports, game design and content creation. The project ended up being a video series of 5 episodes featuring interviews from the big players in each of the different parts of the industry. Yeah it ended up being a pretty big undertaking and easily the first of its kind

At least I have a dope space to work from

Without going too deep into things with this post, I will say that having to organise 20 guest interviews with 3 hosts and then collating that into 5 episodes with each episode being around 50 minutes long was no easy task. The scheduling was easily the hardest part as I knew it would be and having some guests pull out and other potential guests not being contactable, even the line up itself wasn’t fully realised till way too close to the editing stage made life, well interesting at best!

Local superstars Viva La Dirt League and Kahu Bennett all looking strangely at me…

The editing stage luckily was relatively straight forward, just annoyingly time consuming especially adding closed captions. For those who do subtitle work, I now have a renewed reverence for the work that you do, I knew it was tedious work but god dam, trying to do live interviews and work of that nature is a god dam nightmare! There are programs that help which is good but they are pretty useless when it comes to Kiwi accents.

I wish more of the interviews could have been live in person but at least we had XenoJay make it down to DNA

The shows are now all available on YouTube, had multiple problems with the platform for what we initially wanted to do but at least now with the videos all on our Get into Gaming channel, it is working as it should, even if you can’t leave comments… But go here to see what it is all about:

When things are finally done and in the bag, it is a great feeling!

Also for more info about the series, the website is also here

Marcus Powell has been living and working in South Korea since 2010. He has now returned back to NZ and works for Digital Natives Academy as the lead education program designer. Aside from writing his own blog, he is also a popular Club DJ, Gamer, Community manager, esports fan and anime enthusiast.

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