Still a work in progress but here is a photo and list of my gear


PV6 6 Ch Mixer
(wanted a basic mixer to route my different set ups thru, does the job and is very good for the price, simple but effective, great for home use)

PV6 6 Ch Mixer

Boss Ve 20 Vocal Performer
(allows for various mic effects in live settings, a lot of fun!)

Boss Ve 20 Vocal

M-Audio Studiophile AV40 Speakers
(good for multiple uses, solid ok sound for the price)

Studiophile AV40

Reloop Terminal Mix4
(on loan from DJ Korea, using for testing and demo vids, its an ok controller but lacking compared to others released at the same time, would not recommend it)

Terminal Mix4

Reloop RP 6000 MK6 Turntables x2
(got cheap and are really good turntables, would recommend these)

RP 6000 MK6

Reloop Contour
(on loan from DJ Korea, not very impressed by it)

Reloop Contour

Reloop Stand
(cheap stand good for controllers etc)

Rane TTM 56s Mixer
(Needed a good mixer but couldn’t afford to go up to the SL built in models at the time, but still a great mixer!)

DCF 1.0

Kontrol X-1
(great multi purpose controller, used to control fx/sp-6 and transport controls in Serato, highly recommended)

Kontrol X-1

Novation Dicers
(my favorite piece of equipment, small and so useful, a must have for any DJ)

Novation Dicers

Korg padKontrol
(bought this years ago to control SL before dicers or the X-1 were released, is a lot of fun and very useful)

Korg padKontrol

Technics SL-1200mk3d
(bought 2nd hand in Japan, very cheap, bulletproof, can’t go wrong with them)

Technics SL-1200mk3d

Vestax PMC-05 proIII
(bought of a friend cheap, useful as a back up and also a good scratch mixer)

Vestax PMC-05 proIII

Crane Stand
(sturdy laptop stand, heavy but good)

iPad Retina running TouchOSC
(connects wireless and has almost unlimited controls available, still adjusting to my liking but is extremely useful)

SL3 Interface
(Was time for an upgrade, I was using an SL1 since its release, decided to go with the SL3 because 3 channels was all I needed, I don’t use 4, so the SL4 wasn’t really an option)


MacBook Pro running Serato SL/Serato DJ and Serato Video/Mix Emergency

Ortofon Needles (Good all round needles)


I also have a Vestax Typhoon running Serato DJ
(useful for small gigs where a full setup isn’t really needed, reliable and easy to use, has the basics and is cheap)


Rode NT1-A With Shockmount (gives a nice sound, good for hip hop, I like it but do your research first)

Rode NT1-A With Shockmount

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (This is a great piece of equipment, a very cheap but effective sound card)

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2

Alesis M1 Active 520 Speakers (at the low end of the scale however they give a nice flat sound)

Alesis M1 Active 520

This is pretty much my DJ set up, it also co-insides with my new studio set up (which isn’t as lavish yet) but both are still being developed and upgraded when possible, check out my wish list for things I will be trying to add in the future


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