Winner Winner Chicken Dinner Solo Win

Got my first solo Chicken dinner in PUB, here is the end of the clip (plus another kill I picked up before running to the final circles) I was pretty lucky really, the dude at the end got the jump on me but because I had pushed up into the final circle, I had the advantage. Boom!

OGN’s SPLEX is an Awesome Esports Stadium

But there are problems

Last week I was lucky enough to finally attend my first Apex game live at the OGN e-Stadium. I was even more lucky because that night Lunatic Hai was playing and tickets are generally sold out to those games courtesy of Lunatic Hai’s raging fan girls.

Located in Digital Media City, in the western part of Seoul, the OGN e-Stadium sits on the top couple of floors of the S-Plex center and is really set up nicely. Seating for a few hundred people on the main level and more seating on the top floor gallery gives spectators a great view of the massive main screen set up above the stage. Player booths are set to either side and fans can easily see each team and snap pictures of them through the glass. The lights and set all work nicely as a center piece of this simple yet impressive stadium.

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Two Weeks Into Apex Season 3

A new patch, an evolving meta, and rule tweaks in the early rounds

The first week of games have finished in OGNs 3rd Apex season and already we are seeing some big differences from the first 2 seasons. New rule adjustments and a change in the meta has seen a shift in the premier Overwatch competition. While the format remains mostly the same, the adjustments to the rules have helped even things out and provided some exciting new options for teams. The newer patch with the 1 tick capture (tie breakers) for assault maps has come into play (even if it was a day late). The patch also features the Lucio changes and Orisa is now available to play. Also the map pool has been expanded, meaning all maps are now available for selection in each map type, removing any map selection advantages some teams were able to enjoy in season 2. Read on to see some more takeaways from the early games.

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Big announcements and controversies ahead of the Apex Season 3 opener

Match fixing, suspensions and rule changes. Sound familiar?

Most sports fans are use to the preseason madness of big announcements and player controversies, most of which are usually forgotten once the first whistle blows. It seems Esports and OGN’s 3rd Apex season will be following suit. With an emerging match fixing scandal, players being ‘forced’ to step down because of fan outrage and the chance that esports is set to be a medal event at the 2022 Asia Games, this season is going to be anything but dull. And the icing on the cake, 3 more Overwatch maps will be coming this year, oh happy day!

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Stage is set for OGN’s Apex Season 3

Results from the Super Week relegation

Super Week is finally over and after 4 days of competition we have our 6 teams moving on to Apex Season 3. The format this time round was different than normal due to the need to promote 6 teams rather than the usual 4. This gave us a more lengthy series than you would normally expect. 2 groups of 4 teams would battle it out with the top 2 teams in each group advancing after a double elimination tournament. The bottom 2 teams from each group would merge into a single group and again play a double elimination tournament to select another 2 teams with the 2 losing teams heading down/back to the Challengers series.

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In the Den with Rufio Ep 10

I managed to record my next video when I was in Busan, I will try and do more on the road videos like this over the summer since I should be out and about quite a bit and the change of scenery is always nice! My next video will explain a bit more about the things I am working on at the moment but for now, enjoy checking Gwangali!