1st Place Busan FM Expat DJ comp 2015 & 2018
Recent Residencies in Korea: Club Made, Syndrome, Ellui, BarFly, The Living Room
Redbull Thre3style Korea Qualifier 2012/2013/2015
Events DJ for Redbull Korea, GSM, Good Times ROK, Planet Hustle, SK Entertainment & HSK
Guest DJ Comic Con Seoul 2017 & 2018
Regular Guest Hip Hop DJ (Madholic, Dojo & Venue)
DJ at UMF (for Redbull, 2014) and WDJ Festival (DJ Korea, 2013 to 2016)

Who is DJ Blaze?

Coming from NZ, Blaze has been in the DJ scene for a long time. Growing up during the transition from vinyl and tapes to digital, Blaze has an appreciation of music from both the old generation and the new and has experienced DJn in both eras and now embraces the new technology and the possibilities it has opened up.

With such a diverse background in music and DJn, Blaze is a hard DJ to categorize, he doesn’t stick to a single genre and instead embraces many genres of music in his club sets. Blaze has played at Hip Hop Clubs, EDM Clubs and at House Clubs. He often plays music from the current popular genres but adjusts his tracks to suit his up-tempo vibe. But most importantly, Blaze is a DJ who firstly plays to the crowd and will stop at nothing to make sure people are enjoying themselves.

It is his expertise with DJ technology, music & video and his mixing skills alongside his strong DJ career and passion for music that has seen him move from height to height in the DJ industry.


In 2010, Blaze found a new home in Sth Korea. Since moving to Korea, Blaze has had a number of residencies but what really got him noticed among the Korean DJ community was his participation in Redbull Thre3style where he has been able to showcase his unique smooth mixing style and musical prowess. This exposure as well as his own personal drive helped him establish within the DJ scene in Korea, playing gigs across the country and even further abroad in Tokyo.

Before the move to Korea, Blaze was an established DJ within the NZ scene. Based in Wellington, Blaze played at various residencies within the city as well as big Wellington events like the Seven’s Street party and Super Club. He also played alongside some of the biggest names in NZ Hip Hop at various parties and events in Wellington and around the country. Before his experience in Wellington, Blaze was based in Dunedin where he first started DJn in 2000, playing in the student bars and clubs.

In 2020 Blaze has finally moved back to NZ and is looking to re-establish himself within the country.

EDM Style

Playing at various festivals and winning the BeFM competition, Blaze has proven himself as a Main Stage EDM DJ using a mix of showmanship, mixing skills, MC skills and crowd interaction to rock the show.

EDM Performance Set

EDM Style Set (with video mixing)

Hip Hop Style

Blaze has a very strong and established Hip Hop/RnB/New jack Swing style set which often saw him playing as a guest DJ among various Hip Hop clubs and events throughout Korea and Asia. Skillful mixing and music mastery make his sets an enjoyable experience

Hip Hop Style Set

House/Club Style

As a DJ who has been around for a long time, Blase has a large music library to draw from and enjoy’s playing funky house and pop house remixes to keep the club going

House/Club Style Set

Events DJ

Blaze has played at all kinds of events, but something he is very passionate about is gaming and anime. With a growing background in the esports scene, Blaze has also started to branch out as a DJ within this scene

Comic Con Promo

Video DJ

Blaze also has a strong background in video mixing and has been mixing videos for many years. He often uses video along side his club sets as well as releasing mix videos.

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