The Travel Diaries – New Job, New Horizons

An overdue Update, but more to come in 2021

My new job working at DNA

Well I said I would update about what I have been up to with my new job, but I have been busy and a little side tracked with getting things sorted, so I have neglected my writing a bit as of late, that and also my social media accounts. Without having to worry about DJn anymore, it has allowed me to back off from social media which has been great.

After moving down to Rotorua, I had to get set up pretty quickly and luckily work to start with was mostly at home getting courses and classes ready to go for the start of term. First thing was to find a place to live, now who would have thought that would have been such a pain in the ass to do, real estate agencies are seriously rubbish. But luckily I found one that actually does it’s job and found a really decent spot, only downside, the ghetto ass neighborhood! I will def be looking at finding a place in a better area as soon as possible. It has def been one of the downsides about moving back, realizing that there is certain things like that I have to be weary of.

How a gaming set up should be

It has been quite the journey settling into work with Digital Natives Academy (DNA) and I have learned a lot since starting but have also really found my niche as well. Who would have thought I would be teaching esports and digital wellbeing to schools as soon as I got back to NZ?! This was part of my long term goals but didn’t expect this to happen for at least a couple of years. Luckily Covid really did speed things up. 2020 might have been a shit year but it hasn’t been without its bright spots.

First big tournament of the year, more to come in 2021

Now that I am based in Rotorua and have a job, I am settled down and can start going out and enjoying what NZ has to offer starting with the tourist city of Rotorua and the amazing Bay of Plenty Region! I will be continuing my travel diaries showcasing some of NZ’s amazing sights while also going into more detail at some point with the work I do in schools esp with our Digital Wellbeing Program.

Marcus Powell has been living and working in South Korea since 2010. He has now returned back to NZ and works for Digital Natives Academy as the lead education program designer. Aside from writing his own blog, he is also a popular Club DJ, Gamer, Community manager, esports fan and anime enthusiast.

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