Blog Up

So here it is, once again trying to see if I can not only get a blog up and running but actually maintain it and keep it going and updated… Yeah I keep telling myself good luck with that! I do manage to keep my facebook pretty much up to date so why cant I try and focus that attention here into something a little more constructive instead of just the random day to day generic crap that comes out of the majority of social networking sites. I also think to myself I really need to get my own website, kinda makes sense being a DJ and all. But while I try and figure out the best way to do that, might as well start sharing things that happen in my life here in Korea, and how I am probably not living the life of your typical English Teacher here, and now with recent events, follow me as I struggle to get my way deeper into the DJ scene here and hopefully land that all important residency somewhere big! But also posting up whatever else I come across in my day to day life, be it random shit in the street or subways, playing video games, funny ass facebook photos, current issues, new fashion/kicks etc basically anything is a go esp new mixes and videos as well! Chur

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