The way it was…

Finally, I have been waiting for most of this year for this documentary to finally come out. If you have any affinity to Hip Hop at all then this is def worth seeing! I have watched it twice already and enjoyed almost every min of it.

For those of you who are wondering about it, yes this is a real deal, its not done by any of the pooftas and whack artists you hear in todays Hip Hop scene, instead you have real rappers and true grandmasters of Hip Hop telling you about their stories and giving you their thoughts, from Dre to Rev Run, Melle Mel to Nas, Rakim to Common, Salt n Pepa to Mc Lyte Doug E Fresh to Eminem just to name a few and even thou most of you prob have a bit of hate for Ice-T, the dude was part of the movement and I think does a really great job in this.

As a whole, it is really interesting hearing their stories, these are some deep guys, and their rhymes prove it, but more than that, its just so different from todays rappers, hearing these guys speak about the love and the passion for this thing we call Hip Hop, it really does let you see what it really is all about. The standout interviews for me was prob Dr Dre, Eminem and Rakim, but also Lord Jamar from Brand Nubian and B Real from Cypress Hill had really cool interviews as well.

The raps and freestyles thou were just a whole other level, listening once again to these guys spit just shows why they are the best and why they are the founders and true legends. Thou I have to put it out there, Kanye’s was kinda whack…

My finals thoughts are thank you Ice-T for doing this and help putting a bit of exposure into the true nature of hip hop, a term which has been screwed and twisted by popular culture and media, transformed and dumbed down by todays artists into something of a mere shell with no heart and soul, a mere ghost with out substance, a far cry from what Hip Hop really is…

As an after thought, Id like to know, are there any artists you think Ice-T missed that should have been here (Alive artists of course). Off the top of the head, I thought Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince (together, or either one on their time as a duo), Jay Z, P Diddy, Queen Latifah, LL Cool J and Kool Herc should have been on there as well. Thoughts?

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