Time to Revive the Blog!

So Im trying to renew my blog writing and will split it up between this and Tumblr for now and see how it goes, its been a year since I jumped on here, and its been a busy year… some of the highlights include 

– Sponsorship with DJ Korea

– Thre3style Qualifier

– DJn around the Country with Pinnacle the Hustler

– WDJ Fest with DJ Korea

– 2nd Place BeFM DJ Competition

– B-Boy Shows with Show Kings

– Guest Appearances at MadHolic

– PKDC Qualifier

– Steady Residency at Bar Fly

Thre3style 2013 2

There was more but thats it for now, for my blogs Im going to keep them strictly DJn orientated to hopefully make sure I keep them going since this year I have a few projects planned… so lets see how it goes!

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