March Update 2015

Ok so it has been awhile between posts, so first up here is an update on things over the last few months…

Missed NYE after being stuck at Kalibo (think I already mentioned that, worst NYE ever!)

nye kalibo

Told by my job that they are picking a new company for the school, so went on a job hunt, in the end I have a job and now finally settled in, its in Eugnam, so pretty handy to home, pay and hours are about the same

Been DJn at Syndrome in their new hip hop zone, as one of 11 DJs on rotation… yes, 11 DJs… needless to say while its been awesome when I do get to play there, been really enjoying it and hopefully will get to play there again, but really, the whole situation behind it is really just a dam mess

Syndrome Syndrome 2

Had 2 and a half week holiday… with little money and no time to plan, I ended up doing the rounds a bit in the clubs and did manage to go to Guam for a few days. Guam was nice, thou ended up taying most of the trip bouncing back and forth between the beach, the pool, the spa and the pool bar/restaurant! However this was the perfect relaxing holiday and just what I needed (basically it was everything that Boracay was meant to be but was not lol)

Guam Sunset Hyatt in Guam Pool In Guam Room Lunch In Guam

Enjoyed a great Waiting day chilling with fellow Kiwis and some good wine!

Waitangi Day

Bar Fly is the same old shit, been a busy few weeks with Uni parties but now back to normal again, still plenty of fuckwits coming late at night, and I swear one of these days someone is going to get more than just thrown out by me (I will post that video up one day)

Bar Fly Madness Bar Fly

The big change with Bar Fly thou is he finally moved the DJ booth downstair, no longer stuck up in the rafters, can finally see and interact with the crowd, so at least not only is it going to make DJn more fun, means I can practice my on stage persona more and jump around like an idiot (since it seems thats what people like fml)

Bar Fly DJ Booth

Booked my next holiday already and have another one planned (depending on certain factors…) but I am finally going to Hong Kong! Been putting it off for awhile now, but decided to finally head there, basically it will be my shopping trip for the year (instead of Tokyo) so headed there the 1st weekend of May for the long weekeknd

Still looking at moving, a few promising apartments have come up so will be checking those out, hopefully I can move in the next month or so to a bigger place and finally get a dog!

Touch is about to start up, the weather is nice so looking forward to getting outside again!

Have a few DJ projects underway, keep an eye out for those (pretty sure I always have something underway lol)

Ill post more about it for D’s Horizon but the TV season has been good, anime season has been so so but a couple of good shows about to come to an end

AND Ultron is almost upon us!!!

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