Spidey comes home!

Spidey MCU

Now people will remember back to last year when talks were leaked between Marvel and Sony about Marvel bringing Spidey back into the MCU and that at first it seemed like the idea might fly but was in the end initially given up on because the respective partners couldnt come to terms. (Latino Review had some good stuff on it and here was a nice sum up done by ign and another one here. Also Badassdigest had plenty on it too) However while fans were lamenting, people over looked an important fact, it wasnt Sony as a whole negotiating, it was only a small part. Long story short, those who read thru the reports properly noticed that the major heads of Sony were not happy with how Spiderman was being used and its comparative failure in the box office and that those heads were due to meet in Jan and you can sure bet that Spiderman would be somewhere on their agenda.

I told my friends to wait till Jan, the deal isn’t dead yet

Fast forward to January and rumors began flying again, Latino Review once again keeping us on edge with more rumors and what appears to be either leaked plots or well thought out guesstimations.

And then it happened, finally, Spidey, has come back, to the M. C. U….. (well you know what I mean)

Here is the link to the official Marvel News announcement page, needless to say the internet has been blowing up about the news and everyone is happy that they finally managed to make the deal! Yeah yeah!! But now, the questions start coming in of just how will they bring Spidey into the MCU and what roll will he play, who will play him, will he be a rebooted? The answer to those questions will come soon enough, but for now, lets just bask in the fact Spidey is back where he belongs

(and as a side note, this deal might mean good news for other Marvels franchises not with Marvel eg. Fantastic Four and X-men, while not likely anytime soon, this deal proves that anything can happen and that fan service for the most part still has meaning to the studios, while I doubt they will make an appearance in this current golden age of comic movies, who knows what will happen after infinty war)