Its November already?


I know its been awhile between posts, so thought its time to throw up a little update of where I am at and whats going on.

So, its finally November and its getting dam cold, the big thing I have been looking forward to this month is the release of Halo 4, off to try and get a copy tonight and will do a diff blog post on how I find the game. I have had a couple of games of reach online to get use to the online gameplay again since its very diff to that of COD which is what I have been playing most of the last year. Teaching still sucks, my manager needs to slap herself in the face and give me my dam holiday dates for winter. Been keeping relatively low key in-between gigs except on sat night which was a blast, ending up eating breakfast at McD’s at 10am, might have to do round 2 this sat if the Island crew makes it up to Seoul…

Right enough of that, the real update is for DJn. So at the moment, I have no set DJ residency which kinda sucks, but I have been DJn pretty much every weekend for the last 2 months so it hasnt been much of an issue yet. In that time I have done gigs at JR, FLow, Dojo, Sinbin and Madholic so been getting around.

Madholic is prob still my fav bar but its getting dam busy there! Best thing is its strictly Hip Hop and RnB, a bit of new styles but mostly old skool and people really dig that there and get into it. The 4 DJs there do a mean job so I feel lucky when I get asked to guest DJ there. The set up isnt bad, DJM 800, a 1000mk2 and 800mk2 with good sound (thou the 800 plays up occasionally..) Hopefully Ill get the chance to play there again soon

JR, well thats an interesting place, I have done 2 functions there the last month, both were jam packed, music styles is really my choice but I always play old skool first then some club bangers later on, however the old skool again still seems to rock the show the best. The set up thou sucks, only 1 800mk1 works, the mixer is a behringer and it is just a poorly thought out mixer, trying too much to be like an Alen and Heath. Anyways, as most of you know, I know longer have a residency there due to noise complaints, jealous neighbours and the fact their license only allows them to be a restaurant not a club… go figure… Either way, ill be back there only for special functions.

Sinbin, well that wasnt really a DJ gig, it was meant to be, but yeah, fail! No set up at all, just home theatre speakers set up and a DJ who plays music from iTunes, was a waste of time really, I dont even know why they get the guy in their to ‘DJ’ but each to their own.

Now to one of the best set up clubs, Dojo, while its a little small, it has that feel to it, not cosy but its just a nice club. At first I was a little apprehensive because I knew it was a House club, but doing a hip hop night there was really fun and had a nice crowd digging it too. Mean sound set up, you can tell a DJ set it up, 2000’s with a DJM 900 and sound set up to match, one word, DOPE! Will hopefully be back there again soon!

Now the last place, FLOW, this is a strange bar because it has so much potential yet is not living up to it, thou they have been bouncing back and forth between lots of diff things its no wonder. There is much to be said for consistency in your clubs entertainment… Set up is pretty oldd skool, 800mk2 and DJM 600, but plenty of room in the booth and nice sound, thou overkill on the smoke machine often happens… But the  couple of gigs I have done there have been really enjoyable keeping it mostly RnB/New Jack Swing styles, and I might be working more and more with the club to try and pick things up so looking forward to the challenge…

So, thats it so far, at this stage I dont have much lined up, but lately that seems to change very quickly so Im hoping that trend keeps going. The best thing thou is that I have been playing the music I really love, RnB, New Jack Swing and Old Skool Hip Hop, that feel good music we all grew up too. In a way I do miss playing those crazy ass club sets but thats all good, save that for the Thre3style battle next year!! I still want to get into the bigger clubs, there is nothing quite like that big club feel and mixing up crazy sets to hundreds of people, but at the same time, that intimate feel of the smaller clubs esp playing those feel good tracks where people can just get their sexy (not slutty) groove on is just as good… Welcome to my 2 completely diff styes of DJn lol

Anyways, have to give shout outs to the Crew and DJs at Madholic, the Korean DJs (DaQ, Qyu, Nol.e, Kone, Maniac), DJ Que and Potty Mouth, Iconz Media, DJ 4Play and Dojo and My Seoul Photography for the dope photo! Looking forward to working more with you guys and others in the future!

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