Dam, its December already?!! Well at least I started this month with a bang. So Friday night I got added last min ish to the line-up for the Show Kings party Move2, an event that usually tries to bring the different elements of hip hop together, DJ’s, MC’s and B-Boys. The venue was Bar Fly in Sinchon. This is a nice bar, its well set up, open, decent sound system and had the makings for a good night! Now my set was 10-12 and also included DJ’n for the MC’s which was cool and then DJ Keyz was to get the party popping after me, so I played a warm up set as people were still walking into the building, mostly upbeat old skool tracks, Hip Hop and RnB joints, a few bangers but mostly just on the level stuff, nothing worse than getting everything all riled up to early!

By the time the performers came on, the buzz seemed relatively good and they all hit their groove relatively well, a few mic probs here and there but to be expected. All in all the performances were well done, a few cut down their sets, its always hard at shows like this esp in this kinda of club that is catered for the younger Hongdae university crowd which of course is all about their electro music and shuffling, so having some real hip hop (as compared to the bullshit we are constantly bombarded with) was always going to be a hard sell. But overall people seemed to be digging it.

So that pretty much concluded my night on the scene. During the course of the night I did met the local resident DJ Knuckles (cool dude) and his other DJ friend from Ellui DJ June, so was def good to network with those guys as well as the other artists performing that night. All in all, a win win for me! Its good when these people actually get to see me DJ before meeting me, its always a I guess strange thing when you meet other DJ’s or performers for the first time or just people in general too, I usually don’t tell people when I met them first up that I’m a DJ, because these days, everyone’s a god dam DJ, so Id rather people see me DJ first, then they can form their own opinion about me. Rather than, oh, cool, just another DJ, prob another wannabe like the million others, then have other people say, oh na he is good etc etc, most people take that at face value but never actually believe it till they see for themselves and I have always been the type of DJ to let my playing speak for itself.

Anyways, so there was a lil bit of drama throughout the night, mostly to do with the club owner and his expectations vs the Show kings crew and what they were saying will happen. Anyways, I’m not going to go into that because its not my place to, but during the night the club owner wasn’t happy with the music we were playing (myself and Keyz) while it didn’t affect my set at all, for Keyz it was a different story, to the point where the club owner actually cut his set short and got his own DJ to play instead. Now there is a few lines of thinking when it comes to things like this, thou end of the day, its his club so the owner does have the over riding call, however sometimes owners do need to step back, stop looking at the $$ and look at the overall picture, different is not always a bad thing… but that’s another story. As I said, I’m not going to get into the other happenings during the night, just that I felt sorry for the bro getting the cut halfway through, that’s always a shitty feeling and as a DJ, its among the worst things that can happen to you while playing. But overall the event was enjoyed by everyone who went and the feedback has been positive, so its good that those blemishes on the night stay only with the organizers and people involved, because as with any show, its all about the people who come and making sure that their night is the best you can make it, and if people walk away having had an amazing night, then it’s a job well done!


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