Selector Sessions

Well ignoring the fact that its been a shitty Monday (and I’m now posting this on Tuesday), time to throw up a quick brief on a special selector session at the Hongdae DJ Korea store on Saturday.

So firstly a quick overview of what selector sessions are… Well it was the brainchild of Ingram Jones who use to work here for DJ Korea, he was trying to get different DJs together to use a piece of equipment called the selector, which basically allows you to plug multiple DJ interfaces (e.g. Serato and Traktor)

The Selector

But it was not only to use this little piece of equipment but it was also to provide a forum for DJs to get together (primarily turntable DJs) which is something that is needed and is something I want to continue and to expand on (but more on that later)

So on Saturday decided to do a special selector session with DJ Mo Beatz since he was over here performing that night at Lucidream thanks to Pinnacle. Kinda messed up on the organisation of it but at least managed to get 2 good DJs to come down and jam out, DJ Tom Slick and DJ Tezz. So to start with it was just a normal jam session in the hongdae store, the interest from other people to come down and listen isn’t very high at the moment, actually it’s non-existent so there is a lot of work needed and unfortunately both their good sets were only for our own ears however we did get to play on the new reloop turntables which are really good (review still to come, need to properly figure out how to use the midi natively on it)

Reloop rp-8000
Reloop rp-8000
rp-8000 midi pads
rp-8000 midi pads


So, obviously bringing Mo Beatz to a meet and greet to no people would be a waste, instead we decided to move the DJ set up outside (something I was eventually wanting to build up to doing esp over the summer) and do some promo and jam out for the hordes of people who walk by on the Hongdae streets, and it worked out pretty well. Will def be doing this again in the future

IMG_1805 IMG_1803 IMG_1799


Mo Beatz himself had a nice little set, its good to see a DJ who DJ’s for famous artists actually have solid skills, he had a couple of nice routines down pretty well so was def enjoying it as well as the people walking by too, thou a lot of them prob didn’t understand the true extent of what he was doing, Korea crowds are still appreciative so thats always refreshing

Have to give a big shout out to DJ Mo Beatz for coming thru and doing his thing, Pinnacle for hooking it up, Tom Slick and Tezz for laying down some beats, DJ Breakson for sliding thru and all who came by

PS I will edit this later on to make it flow a bit better but for now…

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