D’s Horizon – Episode 6: Marvel Madness

Sorry for the break, holiday and then waiting to see GOTG and see if there was any big aftermath from SDCC… So this weeks post is looking pretty long and will focus entirely on Marvel, will resume my normal schedule next week 🙂


So lets get down to business. SDCC as always was packed with a lot of goodness and with Marvels dominance of late, its not surprise to see them come out with some awesome footage. Unfortunately there wasn’t any big reveals save that Josh Brolin did turn up with the Infinity Gauntlet, maybe an obvious hint as to what Phase 3 will build up to for Avengers 3? At this stage its to early to tell (till at least Age of Ultron hits), however below is what is looking like the current movie line up so far (the confirmed ones at least)


Avengers – Age of Ultron May 2015


Still trying to get a look at the release footage, but it sounded epic! Also how about that poster they have with all the avengers fighting Ultron and his Hordes?! I’m excited that Vision will be in it and I am very interested to see how they tie in Scarlet Witches powers and how the portray Pedro after the impressive display in X-men DOFP. Needless to say I am super hyped for this movie! Oh, and we see the hulk buster armor, oh hell yeah! Also it is rumored but most likely, Loki’s staff has an infinity gem in it, I guess we will hear more about it in the movie, making it the fourth one to surface


Ant Man July 2015


Same again, still trying to get a look at the footage that was released, but by the descriptions again it sounds interesting. We know Ant-man has had some production issues, but we wont go into those, needless to say I am just hoping the final product is going to be a solid one. The interesting thing to note is that Ant Man wont actually be Hank Pim, but it will be Scott Lang being the ‘superhero’, also noting that this will come after Ultron, so again Pim doesn’t create Ultron in the MCU. This will most likely be an origin story


Cap 3 May 2016


So, can they do better than Cap 2? I hope so, but its a hard act to follow as Cap 2 is regarded as the best movie so far and boy did they nail it. The talking point will be does Cap 3 start setting up Phase 3? Or does it deal with any Shield after math’s or what happens at the end of Ultron, or maybe more Hydra? All that has been revealed so far is that it will deal more with the winter soldier and the political spectrum of that, but no idea as yet if it will cross over to other things or not


Doctor Strange July 2016


After the bomb was dropped during Cap 2, this movie is most def going to be a risk similar to Guardians esp now stepping more into the realms of supernatural, thou we have been slowly feed some of it with The Thor Movies (thou magic is more shown as better tech, thou Loki has some cool abilities) and also in Agents of Shield (blackout), and the twins will obviously touch more on it in Ultron. So it really does leave the space wide open for Marvel to tackle this movie with no restrictions. I’m expecting the 5th infinity gem to show up here even thou it should be an origin story


Guardians 2 July 2017


Honestly without seeing the first one, I got nothing

Interesting that Guardians 2 gets a date before 1 has even hit the theatres.

Update: I have seen Guardians… yeah that was frikken awesome! Except Thanos… I was a little disappointed with him, but can cover that a bit more another time. There is a lot here to tie into the greater MCU, the major one being another infinity gem/stone being revealed as well as more about the history of them. The next one is obviously Thanos. Another one is the Kree, which has another tie in with Agents of Shield, then there is the question of who is Starlords father. So GOTG 2 could focus on many different things, but I am picking that there will be another infinity gem here at least (the final one) and maybe an introduction to the Skrulls, more on Thanos with maybe some avengers tie in (Im thinking either Thor or Iron Man)


So there are still other dates yet to be filled, the likely ones are Thor 3 and Iron Man 4, however rumors abound make popular mention of Ms Marvel, Black Widow, Loki, Hulk or my personal hope, Black Panther. Contract issues will start to come into play esp with Iron Man (and with a lot of the others given that superheroes dominated the top 10 highest paid actors the previous year) But here are my predictions


May 2017 Iron Man 4


I’m not sure what story line they will follow but if the previous films are to go buy, it will be an Iron Man one, however I would like to see it branch more into the MCU, maybe more to do with Shield or even space (maybe a Skrull set up plot) would be interesting, or a vibranium story arc (possibly paving the way for Black Panther)


Nov 2017 Thor 3


Im picking it will be to do with Loki (since he has done something with Odin, and also the infinity gauntlet to come into play here as well, maybe a cross over with GOTG)


May 2018 Hulk (either a verses/team up or Solo ‘ish’ Movie)


Its really about time again for them to take another gamble on Hulk, however with Ruffalo, I think a hulk movie would be great, however a team up would make it interesting esp since Marvel hasn’t done this yet, but as long as its based on Hulk Smash rather than Hulk don’t want to smash, then it will be a winner


July 2018 Black Panther


It has to come, for too many reasons, this movie has to be made, the question really is when


Nov 2018 Ms Marvel – Or maybe Captain Marvel (Or Avengers 3 part 1, but my pick either way, we will see Ms Marvel)

ms marvel

We have already been introduced to the Kree, also there is the Agents of Shield story line with the blue body (most likely Kree) and Sky being an 084, this could be brought together in a movie with the Kree visiting earth to find out what happened etc, this will also be a lead in to Avengers 3. This is a difficult one to predict because the next movie will be the biggest to date


May 2019 Avengers 3


While not confirmed, this is the likely date, and with the other movies having set things up, expect Thanos to be rocking the Infinity Gauntlet and the Avengers and GOTG to team up in something ridiculously huge and awesome and an obvious headache for whoever has to write it!


So in summary


2015 May – Avengers Age of Ultron

2015 July – Ant Man

2016 May – Cap 3

2016 July – Doctor Strange

2017 May – Iron Man 4

2017 July – Black Panther

2017 Nov – Thor 3

2018 May – Hulk

2018 July – GOTG 2

2018 Nov – Ms Marvel

2019 May – Avengers 3


With Marvel moving to 3 movies a year, Phase 4 and onwards is going to start getting very complicated and will be interesting to see how they tackle it going forward after Phase 3 and Thanos


As for the Infinity stones


Tesseract – Space Stone (Cap 1 and Avengers)

Ether – Reality Stone? (Thor 2)

Orb – Power Stone (GOTG)

Loki’s Staff (Speculation) – Mind Stone (Avengers 1 and 2, end of Cap 2)

Infinity Gauntlet (Thor 1)


Soul Stone (I think Doctor Strange)

Time Stone (GOTG 2)

Infinity Gauntlet (Thor 3, will play some part in this movie)

So thats the movies, now for the TV shows


Agents of Shield Sept 2013, loved the first season, im kind hoping the second season focus on the rebuilding of shield, thou with Ultron on the way, I’m sure there will be some show altering tie in coming up again. (also the 8 week break in the mid season for Agent Carter will be interesting) There is a lot to go on with the destruction of shield and the reveal of hydra and even more with Coulson and what we are pretty sure now was a Kree body in the lab and his lovely drawings at the end. Also with the Hydra reveal, there are a lot of once locked up prisoners most likely on the loose, including a mention of abomination early in the series, Blizzard, and most importantly, Graviton. So who knows just how the show will go, but to beat someone as powerful as graviton, they are going to need an avenger or 2 to help and at least Hulk to take out Abomination.


Defenders (Netflix Series)



Jessica Jones

Iron Fist

Luke Cage

Its hard to know how these are going to go, with a netflix release it seems like a good move, but the question is, how will they tone these different shows. The idea of having four shows running like this separately at first to then tie together in what they are saying will be a mini series as the defenders, its risky as hell but I love the idea


One Shots

I like this idea, short little shows covering some back stories, I would like to see this expanded more into maybe like a special 2 part mini series or something to tackle some of the bigger characters or come up with some interesting team ups. Hawkeye needs one of these! Hawkeye and Widow would be awesome, they need either their own movie or a team up one shot


In Conclusion

So, the MCU is basically this huge ass entity that marvel has created, and is continuing to expand, much like the comic books its great to see the same kind of work adapted to the big screen, thou the work behind it must be enormous but the pay out for Marvel and fans alike is well worth it. It really is just an exciting time for comic book fans and this isn’t even touching on the cartoon series and the comics themselves!

The thing I love about the MCU is how everything ties in together just like the comics, I like how that the effect of one show has a bearing on the other. The original writers for marvel comics had created such a huge and diverse world, but often you only get to see that world from a single viewpoint or a certain angle, what MCU has done is provided many stories and multiple view points into this world. This is where I feel a lot of good stories have fallen apart, to detailed for their own good and you cant fully explore it, but Marvel is fully exploring every possibility here. It is a shame that Spider Man and the X-men cant be part of this, and given the way both franchises have been treated, it is really annoying to see such good characters portrayed terribly, but one day, hopefully they will just give up and we will finally see Hulk and Wolverine battle it out!

Keeping with the Marvel Theme, here is my recommended anime

Avengers Earths Mightiest Heroes (AEMH)

Avengers Earths Mightiest Heroes followed up the momentum marvel had already created with the MCU and this release of 2 seasons worth of cartoons was very well timed. (There is also a new season/series even more recently released which is just as good) If you old or new to the Marvel universe this show is still worth watching, it kind of acts like a recap of a lot of the major villains in the universe as well as giving some deeper insights into various characters so if your new to Marvel I would def recommend watching it to at least have some idea what a lot of fan boys are talking about when it comes to the MCU. The first half of season one focuses on each avenger individually and how they came to be apart of the team, the second half progresses the story towards a major story arc that I wont give away, needless to say it is enjoyable to watch. Season 2 does the same and progresses ahead while introducing more characters into the universe. Each episode is not necessarily stand alone as they all contribute to progress the story line in someway but each episode does tend to have its own conclusion. Overall the show makes pretty good use of multiple characters in what is already a big universe that can be extremely confusing, but they have managed to keep the story lines focused enough throughout the series to make it an enjoyable watch. It is nice to watch the dynamic of the team thou, you get to see it a bit in the MCU but obviously not to the degree you get to see it on the small screen and this show really does give you more of the personal insight into each character. Also it really shows how Hawkeye is as a character too who annoyingly seems to have been neglected a lot within the MCU, grr!


Animation 8/10 It really does bring the comics to life

Characters 7/10 Superhero’s are hard to depict at the best of times in short shows, it does attempt to give them more depth in a short time, but skips a lot

Plot 6/10 The plots aren’t wildly complicated, but enjoyable

Overall 7/10 It works, but it really acts as more of a beginners guide to marvel, but given the success of the MCU, people need an enjoyable catch up and this provides that

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