Marvel drops another bomb

Civil War

Yup, so unless you have been sleeping under a rock, todays biggest news comes from those lovely guys at Marvel… Iron Man will be joining Captain America in Cap 3!! Yes this is huge news! Why? Well… read here for more info, has all the news but basically it makes way for a pretty big story line from the comics…

So by the looks of things, the likely fallout of Avengers 2 will most likely center around Iron Man for creating Ultron in the first place (thou there will most likely be a huge reshaping of the MCU as a result of this as well) And with this in mind, they have also mentioned there will be some variation of the civil war story line (again read over here at badassdigest for more info on that) and maybe even fallen son… while obviously it wont be exact to these story lines, its good to know that Marvel is looking down this road to take the MCU which is steadily growing in size (I wonder if Spidy will end up coming over…)

So not only is this good news because the story line should make for some very interesting movies but also it will be the first ‘cross-over’ movie where we see 2 avengers occupy a single movie outside of the whole group, which will hopefully mean we see more of these type of movies in the future from Marvel!  Also it does seem like a good way to expand and drag out the MCU a bit more meaning Thanos will prob appear and hit harder in Avengers 4. Marvel obviously has big plans and as we have seen recently, these plans extend for years to come, basically these are exciting times as a comic book fan!

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