Podcast Ep-3 It’s a Wonderful Open World

Check out our 3rd podcast installment as we talk Open World games


Podcast 3 Contents:

0:00 Jason joins us for his first podcast and we talk about the Red Dead 2 announcement

6:20 How we feel about open world games in general

8:40 Rick and Morty shout out and Open World VR and how Open World has changed popular franchises

12:00 Black Flag Shout Out

13:30 Types of things that could be turned into Open World Games

15:20 Defenders open world game would be awesome (Heroes for hire)

Also Stargate or Quantum Leap?

19:00 Is PoGo an open world game? Is AR open world?

21:00 Ramifications for your actions in open world games

22:40 Shadows of Mordor remembers you

24:00 Why is it a gimmick when it should be an obvious inclusion and organic to open world gaming

27:40 AI programmed into NPCs

28:16 Next COD due to drop Nov 2017 maybe set in Vietnam?!

32:30 Sudden Attack 2 flops… Horribly

37:30 Could the Sudden Attack Fail spell the end of Pc games from Korean companies (and how a PC Bang works)

40:30 Stories missing from Korean games

Note: Overwatch – was meant to say there isn’t a story mode for Overwatch

46:00 Samsung has a cry

49:00 Halloween is coming

53:30 Seoul Comic World Shout out

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