Unleashed Vol 1

Throwback post! Now that I have some time on my hands, I am uploading all of my mixes and DJ material here. I now have the storage space that I will keep since these kinds of videos can’t be posted basically anywhere else these days (again, record companies, go fuck yourselves) So now that I have all my esports stuff on here, time to start bringing my Video Mixes here too

This video doesn’t exist

Here is the blurb from when I originally posted this video years ago! Talks a bit about how I made these.

The idea for these mixes was to make short 12min long vids of 5 or 6 pop songs just basically mixed together in video format. I kept them short so that the file sizes woldnt be to large and people could watch the on their cell phones (least that was the idea, in the end they ended up being good short tracks for bars to use when there is no DJ…)

Anyways, the way I would do these mixes was to pick 6 songs that were similar and that would mix well together, then I would record the audio, fix up anything I didn’t like, then in Vegas I would add the video tracks for each song and do the mixes and transitions there. The reason why I didn’t record the video live was because even in live video recording, its hard to get the video side perfect (or near enough to) on the surface it might look ok, but when you look at it closely, there is always going to be random frames etc that you just don’t want. Being the first one, it isn’t perfect, there is a few things in the editing process I later managed to fix up and change to make it render more smoothly (as you can see in later videos)

And lastly this is a bit of a trial, uploading these kinds of videos seems to piss of the record companies (they are fucking idiots anyways but that’s another story) so Youtube and now Vimeo basically has copyright filters on them, so things like this are deemed to be in violation of copyright… that shit annoys me to no end, so I am trying the video option here on WordPress and seeing how that goes…

DJ Blaze – Unleashed Video Mix 1 – Song List
1. Flo Rida – Turn Around (5,4,3,2,1..)
2. Chris Brown – Yeah 3x
3. Jay Sean – Hit the lights
4. Busta Rhymes & Tiesto – C’mon
5. Pitbull & T-Pain – Hey Baby
6. LMFAO – Party Rock Anthem

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