Overwatch Open Pacific Division Week 1

X-Pats Vs Cyclops Athlete Gaming: Going up against a pro team

So for our second game during the first week in the Overwatch Open League, we were matched up against one of the best if not the best team in the Pacific Division, Cyclops Athlete Gaming. A team boasting 3 players from the Japanese World Cup team. While our first game was a win by default (our opponents forfeited due to being in the wrong division), this second game was always going to be a one sided affair and a good eye opener for some of our players.

Having gold eliminations with only 2 kills… not a good sign

As a team only coming together the week before with an average SR of low gold, no tournament experience and only playing together for the first time, we managed to do ok, picking up a few kills here and there and even capping the point on control for 23% after catching Cyclops out for over extending and lazy spawn camping. But the match up unfolded almost exactly the way I expected, superior co-ordination and focused targeting matched with excellent mechanical skills forcing us all the way back to spawn.

23% on the first map was the brightest moment of our day

While we were able to push out of spawn and even cap the point on the first map, Cyclops Athlete Gaming was having none of that in the following maps, exerting their dominance, pushing us back to spawn but not over committing to keep us trapped with no room to move. Winning team fights decisively saw them clean sweep  us 3-0 in short fashion.

Map 1 Control on Nepal

This video doesn’t exist

Map 2 Escort on Watchpoint: Gibraltor

This video doesn’t exist

Map 3 Assault on Temple of Anubis

This video doesn’t exist

The upside of this game is that we all got a taste of taking on a pro-team first hand and now know what that level of game play feels like. While it is not unobtainable to be competitive, a good amount of work will need to be put in first. The question going forward is, do we want this to only be an experience or do we want to put in the work and make this competitive?

Join us on our journey as we compete in the Overwatch Open League. A team of expats living in South Korea taking on some of the best in the region. Games are every Saturday and Sunday night, catch my live-stream for each game starting at 8pm KST

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