Overwatch Open Pacific Division Week 2

Finding our feet as the opposition evens out

In our second week of competition we managed to get 2 games in as most of the teams in the division have now been finalized. While we still lost both games, after a week of soul searching and deciding just what direction to take our team, we have shown a marked improvement in our game play. While we are still far from perfect and where we need to be as a team, we are making great headway moving forward.

POTG and all votes for the cards! MVP to Victor!

Vs Ready OSE

Our first game was a bit of a struggle. While we were able to get out of spawn and contest the objective, we still struggled with communication and positioning. Their Winston dive would often split us up and our lack of communication to focus him down would lead to our team getting picked off one by one. This lack of co-ordination also saw our attacks stalling out due to our tanks and DPS players not quite attacking at the same time, again leading to early pick offs and losing the team fights. This was also giving the opposition plenty of chance to charge their ults multiple times while we were struggling to even charge up one.

Another rough day at the office

Overall while we did manage to push forward at times, we were really struggling to get out of first gear during this game and it played out as more of a practice session than a competitive match. However that practice would pay off for the next game.

Least one of our healers made it on the board
This video doesn’t exist

Vs Exiled

Our second game of the weekend saw a huge improvement and is worth talking more in-depth about. While our positioning was still lacking, our communication and team worked had improved exponentially. Not only were we contesting, we were making progress on the objectives.

37% on the first point

Control saw us not only cap a point but get some steady control percentage on it as well. Unfortunately we still have a lot of room to improve on our dive composition but given this was the first time we had tried it properly, there is a lot of potential there.

Our medals are looking less and less dismal
This video doesn’t exist

On escort we tried the pirate ship comp on Route 66 which saw us push past the first point and halfway to the second. Our big undoing was not being able to deal with the enemy Roadhog who blew thru us disrupting our comp over and over. On defense we were scattered early on and never regrouped seeing them take the map easily in the end.

Our first point on the board!

Finally on Assault, we came together to make a really good defensive showing on Temple of Anubis. The enemy team tried to rush the first point and got easily dealt with after trying out the new high ground strat that has become common on Anubis. Once they broke our defence they captured the point after we held it for 2mins but our hold on the second point was epic, seeing us repel them multiple times over the course of 6mins to finally lose the point on their last push with only 22 seconds remaining. A misplaced shield wall and a Genji ult coupled with some well placed Widow head-shots was finally able to undo us.

This video doesn’t exist

Our attack unfortunately wasn’t as hot. Early picks on our team saw us scattered during each team engagement, stalling out our attack multiple times. Once we finally managed to regroup during a final push we were still split however we almost captured the point, if it wasn’t for a great play by their enemy Doomfist  decimating our team, we would have captured the point.

While the medals look nice, it is that kill feed that cost us, Doomfist on fire!
This video doesn’t exist

After doing so well on defense it was hard losing like that in the seconds on both sides of the map, however we all had a lot of fun and the improvement overall is unmistakable. A few more practices and another game or 2 plus some revised strategies should see us win a map or 2 before the tournament is over. Or even better, win a game! Stay tuned!

This video doesn’t exist




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