The Travel Diaries – 9. Return of the Maori

Aotearoa never looked so good

Sunrise flying into NZ

After travelling from the other side of the world, I finally touched down in Auckland, albeit, 2 months earlier than planned but at least I got back. 20,000 km traveled in a week from Berlin – London – Seoul – Tokyo – Auckland. It was a hell of a trip and definitely a story to tell once the world settles down (or you can just go back and read my travel diary which covers it in detail!)

The arrival process into NZ was relatively straight forward. Temperature taken, information gathered, sorted into different categories and then ushered through customs, picked up my bags and then directed to a bus outside. Not sure why we had to board the bus, our Hotel was the Novotel at Auckland airport which is literally 50m across the road from where we boarded the bus, but I guess it made it easier to sort us into the hotel by giving us a place to sit.

Home for the week

Check in at the hotel took awhile, we were ushered into one of the seminar halls to have our details recorded and travel plans checked out. After all of that, given a room key and off to our rooms we go. Being put up at the Novotel with a decent sized room, great view, 3 meals a day and plenty of space outside to walk around after our initial 24 hours lock-down with all expenses paid was really a dam good deal. I could have gladly stayed there the entire 4 week lock-down. The only downside was the internet. It was fast enough to stream Netflix and the likes but not fast enough to live-stream or play online games. Luckily I could keep busy with Pokemon Go, having 2 gyms within reach of my hotel room was very convenient and having my Switch loaded up with games meant I had no shortage of things to do.

Travel prepared

The food was really good all things considered plus extra snacks and some drinks included def helped but I did need some extra fluids and some more snack options. Luckily one of my mates in Auckland was able to drop me off a care package that was greatly appreciated.

My daily routine slowly took shape. Waking up before lunchtime, doing some work or research on social media, watching a movie and playing some animal crossing, then going for a walk in the afternoon, coming back and doing a workout (fitness boxing for the win) then shower, dinner while watching the news. Back on to social media and doing some research, then trying the occasional live-stream (but failing because of internet speeds) then settle down for the night with a show and some more Switch games. All in all, semi productive but a good way to play out my days.

A most excellent view

Then came the sudden news, we got you a flight and your leaving tomorrow, ha, thanks for the heads up! So, having my stay cut short after 7 days, I would be able to complete the final part of my trip! But should I go to Blenheim or Nelson to wait out the lock-down.

Marcus Powell has been living and working in South Korea since 2010. He is now on the road before returning back to NZ. Aside from writing his own blog, he is also a popular Club DJ, Gamer, Community manager, esports fan and anime enthusiast.

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