The Travel Diaries – 8. Full Circle

Back to where it began, only to keep on moving

Getting ready for the final phase

With my wait in London finally over, it was time to go back to Korea and then onward to NZ. I sure didn’t expect to see myself back in Korea again so soon. I also almost didn’t make it. With Korea’s current restrictions, after arriving I would have to wait 14 days until I could travel again which would mean I wouldn’t be allowed to board my flight leaving a few days after arrival. Luckily with some help from the lovely airport staff and a call to immigration, I was cleared to travel back.

Back in Korea so soon, a final look at my old hood

You can read my post here about the arrival procedure into Korea, but once that was done and dusted, I made my way back to my friends place to stay over night. It was good catching up with them and should see them again once this blows over and they visit NZ. My flight was departing from Busan so I jumped on a KTX and made my way down south to one of my favorite cities in Korea. Unfortunately I had to make my way straight to the hotel so I could repack my bags, do some washing and get some food. I also had to refrain from punching a taxi driver who was being an ass. Thanks Korea for reminding me how shitty your taxi drivers can be. After settling into my hotel and getting my washing underway, I managed to order some delivery, the Busan airport area was a ghost town but luckily Mom’s Touch delivers! I will def miss those thigh burgers and chicken!

I will definitely miss Busan, great city!

In the morning I was dropped off at the airport to find out that we were basically the only flight leaving the airport that day. Lucky there was one fast food spot open there so I could get some breakfast but dam, its weird to see an airport so barren. The flight was almost empty but I did get to watch the other My Hero Academia movie so that was good, didn’t help the in-flight announcements went on for bloody ages.

Touchdown in Tokyo and a long transfer to the main terminal to find that our departing terminal was literally at the ass end of the airport, ages away from anything else but decided to take the walk anyways since the flight was going to be long and it was a good chance to stretch my legs.

Sunrise arriving back in Korea, looking across the Arctic Circle

After an hour or so we were finally ready to board. It was nice to be back on an AirNZ flight even though they can be a pain in the ass (baggage restrictions… seriously…) and with the flight being almost empty it was easy to get a row of seats and sleep the entire flight.

Some how, some way, I had made the flight back to NZ and arrived Monday morning to a beautiful Auckland day.

Marcus Powell has been living and working in South Korea since 2010. He is now on the road before returning back to NZ. Aside from writing his own blog, he is also a popular Club DJ, Gamer, Community manager, esports fan and anime enthusiast.

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