The Travel Diaries – Northward Bound

The most indirect trip, because I can!

So it can be sunny in Auckland

After leaving Wellington it was time to continue my journey towards Auckland in the search for work. Along my way I had some stops planned out as well as a meeting that would end up shaping the next part of my life journey.

Just out of Wellington, that is the South Island in the haze

The first stop along the way was Napier in the mighty Hawkes Bay. I have always enjoyed my trips there, unfortunately this time was a mere stop over. Having recently purchased a secondhand car, I wanted to take a couple of short trips just in case something went wrong with it. Luckily it rode really well and I got to Napier without incident, however I did have to detour because the gorge was closed. Luckily Google Maps actually works really well in NZ, for those who live in Korea, you will understand the struggles of not having Google Maps working… As for my stay, it was relatively uneventful, in other words I got to my hotel and straight crashed after grabbing a feed.

Napier putting on a sunny day

The next day was a trip up to Rotorua, another short trip but having a meeting planned with Digital Natives Academy is what brought me to what would have been a rather unassuming town in the scope of my life. The meeting itself went really well and it was interesting to see what was being planned within the digital realm here, basically a lot of stuff right up my alley that falls perfectly inline with one of my long term goals since returning to NZ. It would require a bit of work but it was a very realistic option. After taking a few cool photos in the area it was time to head to the next destination.

One of the tourism capitals of the world, Rotorua

It is always good to catch up with family and the side trip to Whakatane was just that, to go catch up with my birth Mum and her Husband and their awesome dogs! I also don’t think I have been to Whakatane before so it was nice to check out the area. After some family time and a tour around the area, it was time to crash and then head to the next destination, but I have definitely found one of my summer vacation spots once I finally get a summer again!

Whakaari Island… rip

Hamilton! Been a long time since I have been back in this, lets go with interesting, city (nah, it is a nice place, really) Arriving in time to have some rest I then managed to catch up with the local Pokemon Go community to do raid hour. It is quite the new concept of being able to do Pokemon Go raiding by car, I am so used to walking around when playing but here in NZ, driving around is not only possible, it ends up being much more efficient. After a successful raid hour, it was time to relax before crashing out and heading out on the last leg of this trip.

Got my stuff back!

What’s up Auckland! The place where it began, finally managed to return again after arriving back in the country during lock-down. This time I was able to actually travel around this city with bipolar weather and caught up with a lot of friends and also managed to pick up all my stuff that was sent back to NZ. Happily everything arrived without incident or breakages so that was positive! I ended up spending 3 weeks in Auckland, catching up with friends and sorting things out while also deciding on just what job I would end up with. Having missed out on the opportunity that I was initially gunning for, the one i decided to take in the long run could very well end up being the better choice of the 2. So, back to Rotorua I go to start work with Digital Natives Academy! Tune in to my next blog which will explain more in-depth about what I have and will be doing.

I finally have my PC back!

Marcus Powell has been living and working in South Korea since 2010. He has now returned back to NZ. Aside from writing his own blog, he is also a popular Club DJ, Gamer, Community manager, esports fan and anime enthusiast.

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