‘Fuck White Day’ Party

White Day Poster
White Day Poster

So as the tittle suggests a few weeks ago we held a big party at Bar Fly, so time to throw up a quick review since that weekend not only did I have this party here but also did a special performance with Pinnacle at both Bar Fly and also at BrandNu! So was a busy weekend, anyways lets get right to it

So, Bar Fly, well Friday nights are usually pretty busy but because of the party this time we held multiple events during the night and also had a lot of ‘friends’ and regulars come thru so it was extra busy and the crowd was in a very good mood and ready to party. I asked Pinnacle if he wanted to perform again, being a nightclub keeping it short and sharp is always key so we decided to keep it to 4 club ish songs and hit em hard which we did. The good thing about Bar Fly people is they are an appreciative audience and seemed to be┬áloving every minute of it, so the performance part of it went really well. The night started off well with tables full before 11, people kept coming in and by 12ish the place was pretty busy, drink specials kept the bar busy. We jumped on around fish and rocked out, then the girls jumped on stage and danced and gave out free T-shirts, lastly big ass balloons with confetti in them went flying around which was a pretty cool idea! Anyways click the video to watch most of the live performance

Now, the next gig was at BrandNu on Saturday night, I was a little worried about this, we were given an hour time slot to fill in, now an hour is a long time to fill in a club set, and it wasn’t till afterwards that I realised the mistake, but anyways, first thing, so we did sound check, all was good, came to the club, jumped on and started to go thru the set, the plan was to do 5 songs, then DJ Break, quick freestyle session then 5 more songs then out, so instead of hitting it hard and fast like Bar Fly, this time we had to set it up properly, the only problem was, BrandNu is a club, a hip hop club, with kids/people who aren’t really there for the ‘music’, meaning they only like the kind of rubbish that is in the top 10 these days, music with no substance, just party music. I have nothing against it in a club however when you try to bring in a live act that does have substance, 2 things happen

1. People don’t like it because they have to listen to it to understand it

2. People don’t know it so they automatically don’t like it

Given the beats we were playing compared to the beats the club normally plays, the 2nd option was more prevalent… and its a tough one because you have to expose people to music somehow yet often they only want to hear what they know regardless of how good the song might be and this is even more so prevalent in a clubbing situation. So of course the music and the performance was not really appreciated by the people there, some people were digging it, but the majority were just like ‘meh’ so yeah, it was a tough night, but lesson learned, next time listen more closely to my doubts lol then again it was pretty last minute.

Anyways, both were good gigs, obviously Bar Fly was a lot better but BrandNu was still good to throw down in. Now that Pinnacle is back in the states it will be a small while till we gig it out again, but maybe during summer…