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OGN Apex Season 2 Final

Runaway Vs Lunatic Hai: There can be only one

The second season final was always going to be a blockbuster and having 2 teams with so much on the line coming in made it even more meaningful. In the pink corner you have Runaway, the amateur underdogs, faced with relegation at the start of the season living out their Cinderella story making it all the way to the finals. In the blue corner you have Lunatic Hai, one of the best professional Overwatch teams around, boasting an impressive line up of players but lacking the one thing needed to properly cement them as a top team, a big tournament win. Lunatic Hai also lost to Runaway 2–3 during the first round of the play-offs. Revenge was definitely on their mind.

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The Lunatic Hai suspension

Korean Celebrity Idealism creeping into E-sports

I’m sure by now that those of you who follow competitive Overwatch are aware of the suspension of 2 players from Lunatic- Hai early in February. Lunatic-Hai are currently competing in OGN’s 2nd Apex season. The suspension happened mere days before their next scheduled game. While this has been covered by other outlets its worth exploring why this even happened. Was it drugs? Violent behavior?

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