Serato + ME = Winning!

Since my long overdue upgrade to using ME as my video plugin, I have now been using it for a few months and I thought it would be prudent to post up a quick overview of the program, what I like about it and also my screen layout for people (mostly DJs) to look over and get an idea of the work flow, so here is the basic layout

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 9.59.30 pm

So, ignoring the Latest Import Folder being completely un-organised, this is my basic screen, Serato in the back ground, and ME on top. As you can see it is relatively easy to make ME fit over top of a normal Serato Layout since everything can be freely moved around the screen

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 9.59.19 pm

This one shows the Sequencer options which is one of the best things ever! I really wish Serato would make a built in Sequencer to use with like cue points and samples etc… But the sequencer in ME is very powerful, allowing you to use multiple fx to trigger on beat (similar layout to fruity loops) and to create different sequences you can save and trigger at will

For control of everything within Serato I use dicers, for ME I use a midi/usb connector to the mixer and I also use TouchOSC on my iPad to control both Serato and ME


Here is my TouchOSC layout, its a work in progress as I am adjusting it to suit my play style but its almost finished!

So, since switching to ME instead of using Serato Video for my video DJn (mostly at Bar Fly) there is some noticeable differences that I like and loving

1. ME outputs videos at a much higher higher quality

2. ME is adjustable so you can move it around and show or hide windows and is still fully integrated with Serato

3. The Sequencer! This just kicks serious ass! And really allows you to focus on other things rather than trying to mess around with fx etc

That about sums it up, there is differences with fx and transitions but thats not really a big issue since they both come stocked with a lot of options, some different, some the same. There wasn’t much of a learning curve as its pretty simple to use, just a little messing around at first while you get use to it but thats to be expected and once I upgraded to Mavericks OS it has been running very smoothly with no problems. Overall ME is a great product, I just wish Serato would either merge ME fully into their system or sort their shit out and put some more development work into their own Serato Video Program as it has had very little change since its original release, so ME is just really blowing them out of the water.


3 thoughts on “Serato + ME = Winning!

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