Feb 2014 Review

God dam its March already?! What the hell… Anyways, time for a quick review of the last month….

Highlights/Points of note

– Finally got a website up and running

– Set up my home studio

– Watched ‘What difference does it make: A film about making music’ at the Beats by Dre Theatre thanks to Redbull

– Managed to successful revive ‘Selector Sessions’ for 2014

– Finally managed to check out Octagon

– New students arriving at Bar Fly

– Had a great night DJn at Dojo for an Old Skool night

So February is usually a very quiet month here in Korea except towards the last week when the students finally arrive back, the good thing this year is it has been a very mild winter but still word around is that a lot of clubs have had a struggling winter which isn’t surprising given the amount of new places that keep opening, Korea has a huge population but the number of people who actually frequent night clubs isn’t enough to sustain the amount of clubs there are now, however thats another story.

So the revival of selector sessions, I will post more about this in another post but in short it was a success given I had 2 DJs pull out on the day, but I managed to get the lifestream up and running and also go to have my first test of the new Reloop 8000 midi turntables (review also on its way) so it was a good start and will hopefully build more on it as the year goes on

DJ Blaze and DJ Hood
DJ Blaze and DJ Hood
DJ Vista
DJ Vista

So, finally managed to check out Octagon, one of the I guess elite VIP styled clubs in Gangnam (basically big ass club, bottom of a hotel, shit load of expensive ass VIP tables, rooms, expensive drinks centred around a DJ up on a stage and a dance floor) Now like the other clubs it is really nice, bit of a maze but the decor is usually really modern, the sound systems are awesome and in general they are awesome places. In a future post ill also talk more about how people act in clubs like this but for now it was just good to finally get there, see it and most importantly, listen and observe.

This is what 1million won buys ($1000)
This is what 1million won buys ($1000)
DJ Booth at Octagon
DJ Booth at Octagon

Bar Fly was slow most of this month but the last week saw a couple of big parties, lots of new students in town so the universities do their usual orientation etc, but of course students don’t tend to spend much money and parties start early which means they end early… again more about this in another post 🙂

Bar Fly
Bar Fly

So lastly I have to mention ‘Back in the Day’ 80’s and 90’s party at Dojo. Now normally I am against DJs only playing an hour etc but for parties like this, it works great, having 6 different DJ’s express their take on a couple of exciting decades of music is always something to see, unfortunately I couldn’t stay long but from what I understand, it was a great night and I am looking forward to doing it again! But it is also good because it is the start of a local initiative to strengthen the local DJ and local brand scene in the Dojo area. The article about not bitching about a scene and go out and create it yourself was really good and this will hopefully lead to good things and I’m very happy to be part of it and help build up not only the scene here but also in my own venture to build up a stronger DJ scene with DJ Korea

Just an awesome poster
Just an awesome poster

Right, thats it for now, there is a lot that I will expand on but for now, month over… on to the next one


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