The Madness that is Bar Fly


So welcome to my residency, Bar Fly in Sinchon, a long time student favourite and one of the only clubs in the Sinchon area. Home of craziness, scandals, cheap drinks, helpful regulars, good bar staff and good people, can’t ask for much more from a local bar (well you can but thats another issue) So lets have a quick look around with what Im working with


So the DJ Booth, DJM 800 (in desperate need of new faders and a service, same with the CDJs…), CDJ 2000’s, SL4, my laptop, iPad (touchOSC) and dicers. Out putting video to a projector and 4 screens around the bar. Not a bad set up for a mid level club.


View looking next to the DJ Booth, there is space upstairs and this is looking down to the floor level tables and bar, screen and projector as well as your useless advertising sign board posted pointlessly in the corner lol oh yeah, and top stage with stripper poles!


Looking at the bar from up top, its a nicely enough set out bar with plenty of room, as you can see a lot of junk hanging from the ceiling…


Looking down at the dance floor, it is a decent size club, you wouldn’t think so from the outside but that is always the surprising things with clubs here, most are built in the basements of buildings and can be very deceiving from the outside


Looking out on the club…


And lastly a look at the crowd, this was a student party, as you can see a lot of foreign students that night, usually its mostly Koreans but still a lot of foreign students come here to party and there is a strong crowd of foreign regulars who come as well, not to mention that a lot of the Koreans there are Korean/Russians, Korean/Spanish etc, it really is a diverse range of people which adds to the place

Its open during the week but not many people come through, Friday nights are usually the one, also a good vibe with people hitting it hard after work or a week of studying, Saturday is hit and miss depending on the week, the crowd fluctuates depending on parties and University schedules. Being in a University area it really dictates the mood of the area as you would expect. So there it is, a quick run down on the place, I might post up more about it later on, introduce the staff and regulars, drinks etc but thats for later on.

(just a note, when I say crazy, I don’t mean it in a bad way, for some reason over here people associate the word crazy with meaning bad, but I mean it in a good way)

And just for good measure, here is some fun with fire



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