Mar 2014 Review

Well its that time again so here is an update of the last month which was a quieter one (kinda). So first up, the gigs…

1. Double gig weekend at Bar Fly and BrandNu with Pinnacle, see the write up about it but it was a wild ass weekend

2. Stopped by Part Time Cooks gig at Somos, didn’t get to see them perform but it was almost a full house when I left and I heard good reviews overall

3. Normal Bar Fly madness every weekend

4. Special (and early) April fools party at M-Cube in Apugjeong.

IMG_1827 IMG_1828 IMG_1829 IMG_1830

So this gig was a little interesting. The venue first, well its in the CGV building, its actually a pretty cool set up, big room and they have all the equipment etc needed to host live acts or shows and pretty decent equipment at that (its the same building as the beats by dre theatre)  so as you can see in the photos it works well. Now the party itself, well it was more of a show than a party, having multiple acts and singers come up and perform, so people were sitting and watching. At the end of the show I was meant to come on and the show was to turn into a ‘club’ style party which was a fail. Multiple reasons why, firstly a show turning into a party, so getting people to get in the club mood after sitting down is difficult, location, it is not in a normal club area so people might have wanted to go to other areas, also the bar was kinda small and the drinks were on the normal to high side price wise, the tech crew packing down the main speakers and equipment as well didn’t help (giving the illusion that the night was about to finish) And then I only had a shitty controller (I wasn’t getting paid enough to bring in tables etc lol) so as you can imagine, once the party left people were headed straight for the door, it looked like everyone had already made up their minds to leave after the performances, so yeah, fail! On the bright side I finished early but still go paid the original amount! But yeah, playing music after people are performing live when you are not in a club… doesn’t tend to go down so well (I had similar experiences before)

This month I also started doing recordings for people as well, here is the final production from one of my first recordings (I just helped him record the vocals, mastering and beat were done by others)

Next month I will try to start on another project I have been messing with as well, so keep an eye out for that

Lastly, I have been a little quieter this month because I have taken on a 12 week challenge with some friends, its a loose challenge thou, more on your own accountability, anyways for me its a chance to focus on myself and wellbeing a little bit more since its been a long time since I have done that and with DJn hours its always a difficult thing (esp mixing that up with normal jobs) but finally this year I have a bit of normality within my weekly routine, the change from weekday to weekend isn’t as drastic, and now I’m finally getting back into regular training and also tidying up my eating habits, so this month has been a lot of adjusting to this, its not a diet I’m doing but a full on change/adjustment to what I have been doing which Im happy to say I am making good progress on and should hopefully be ready to hit summer at full speed!

Thats all for now, have a good week!


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