Update… June is here!

So, I know I haven’t been updating that frequently, and to be honest there hasn’t been much to tell, that is what tends to happen when you lay low and work on other things rather than focus fully on DJn, in saying that of course I still have my residency every weekend so its not like I’m not doing anything, its just not much worthy of posting up about. But now that summer is here I have a few things that are worth mentioning but ill talk about those fully in future posts, the major one being that BeFM DJ comp is happening again this year, so I thought I would document my experience this year, so I will be keeping notes etc but I won’t post them up till after the comp has finished (for various reasons which you will find out) Other smaller things will be hopefully my lead up towards WDJ Festival and a couple of smaller gigs that are also in the works. Ill also do a start to finish blog on a video mix.

Speaking of blog topics, I am about to undertake a new weekly blog (more details to come) but it has got me thinking of how I can make my blog and page appeal to a wider audience, while DJn in what most people would think of as exciting, I am not exactly touring around the world so my stories are on that level yet, and DJn in the clubs… well stories from there are just your usual typical drunken night out stories, not exactly something that is blog worthy on a regular basis, so, I have been giving it some thought and have decided on a couple of ideas I will try and do…

The first is to once a month post up my set list from my residency, the purpose is to let people get an idea for the kind of music I play, but also for myself to hold to a bit of accountability when selecting my music and to try and not play the same shit over and over (which can be hard when your playing to a club that wants to hear the same shit over and over) Along with this list Ill include a list of 5 tracks that I decided to include in that months sets (either new or old) that I haven’t played before or that I haven’t played in a very long time, again just sharing a sniper into my DJ life but to also try and better myself as well

The second idea was to start doing some sort of reviewing, now there are 2 things that I thought I might try here, one is reviewing music videos, being a DJ who also uses video, this makes sense, so ill try and review a few music videos each month, give a low down of what they are about and if I like them or thing they are shit etc. The second is to review DJ controllers, I always get a few questions regarding these, and I know there is a lot of information out there regarding controllers, but having another DJ giving opinions from my perspective can never hurt (also I will keep them short and precise)

So for now that is it, first playlist will go up tomorrow, first of the month so seems like a fitting place to start, reviews to follow shortly afterwards. Till then have a good Saturday night! Chur!

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