D’s Horizon: My new anime blog

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Episode 1: It starts with an idea

What’s up everyone and welcome to the first of my weekly blog series focusing on one of my favourite subjects… Anime!! Yup, I have just more than a little inner geek/nerd inside of me and not ashamed to admit it, but you will be surprised thou at just how many DJ’s have that side of them, and honestly it is a good thing, we have to keep up to date with the latest technology but at the same time we need something to do in our spare time, and of course watching Anime and even building and collecting anime figures is something I like to do in my spare time as well.
So, the weekly format will go a little something like this
– news/upcoming releases
– show runner episode briefs
– throwback character
– Recomendation/Brief
– anything else worthy of note
While i’ll try and keep it soley anime based, dont be surprised if some gaming information slips in every now and then, its kinda hard these days since the two are often interconnected.
Now since this is my first post, it would be prudent to give you some back ground on my likes so first off here is my top 5 anime shows as well as my top 10 anime movies (a little harder to choose)

Anime Shows

1. One Piece
2. Log Horizon
3. Gundam Wing
4. Samurai Pizza Cats
5. Naruto
Anime Movies
1. Ninja Scroll
2. Final Fantasy Advent Children
3. Howls Moving Castle
4. Titan AE
5. Transformers (G1 Movie)
6. Heavy Metal (2000)
7. Akira
8. Lion King
9. Hoodwinked
10. Can’t think of a 10th one, too many movies to choose from!
Not included in those lists but worthy of a mention are
– Transformers G1/Voltron/Thundercats/He Man purely because of the toys vs cartoon area and I had many of the toys as a kid
– Spirited away, not my favourtie but still one of the most recognizable Japanese anime movies that introduced their style of animation to the world
– Lady and the Tramp and the Aristocats, the first cartoon movies I saw as a kid in the movie theatre!
– Pixar, because lets face it, their movies have been pretty dam good
Yes there is so many more and hopefully over time I will be able to mention a good majority of them as I continue with the blog
Now I have been watching anime a long time, obviously watching cartoons as a kid, however coming from New Zealand we were very limited in what shows we received and as far as Japanese anime goes, yeah we didn’t see none of that until DBZ in the late 90’s, early 00’s but after that I started watching a lot whenever I had free time. But the shows I was bought up on were the 80’s and 90’s classics, so while I will be reviewing and recommending mostly new stuff, I still need to give props to the stuff I was bought up on so thats where Ill be focusing my throw back character from some of the more classic cartoons. Also when I refer to Anime, I’m meaning both East and West, all Anime not just Japanese since there is a lot of good stuff out there these days that is worth mentioning.
So from now on, if there is a particular anime your interested in and want me to review or brief about or there is a particular throwback character you want me to mention then leave a message, this is also for you as much as it is for me as well

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