D’s Horizon – Episode 3: Got Guns? SAO returns

What’s up and welcome back, ep 3 is here so lets dive straight in with the news


Summer Anime Season has started with a few interesting titles coming out, I will check out a few of them and post up recommendations next week after watching a couple of episodes from each

 Ninja Slayer anime announced at Anime Expo and looks pretty badass, then again with the tittle of Ninja Slayer, you cant go wrong… maybe

Kuroko’ Basketball to get new season in 2015

Kick starter campaign launched to revive Robo-tech with new season, yep that old epic anime might just get a revival.

 One Piece Special to Air on Aug 30th

Well lets get started with my show recaps


One Piece Ep 652 – This week we are back to the fighting after a quick backstory, D Block has begun, Law is saved by Fujitora, kinda, he is really up shit creek at the moment. Robin and Usop have met up with the resistance and Franky, Zoro has met up with Sanji and Top Knot Land (Not sure how those names just suddenly appeared…) and for some reason the sunny is headed to green bit, might have missed something else there…


Naruto Ep 367 – So we are back to back stories again… At least this one should also prove interesting, Madara meets Hashirama, hopefully it doesn’t drag out, this war has taken for ever and we have hardly seen any of it


Mahouka Ep 1 – This looks really interesting, a magic based world and what looks like a capable brother and sister who are a little too friendly at times… but we quickly see that as they enrol in school there is a big divide between those who are capable and those who lack behind, while the lead Tatsuya has been placed in the lower grade, it is obvious he is far from behind the others (not to mention having some bad ass Taijutsu Skills as well) While the opening scene does a bit to inform us of where things are at, there is a lot of questions surrounding the two siblings. Im interested to see how this develops as we are left at the end of the episode with a stand off between the Blooms and Weeds.

cap earth

Captain Earth Ep 1 – As is the way with first episodes they often jump around trying to give us relevant information to what might be ahead, but these first episodes are often important to draw us in. Captain earth really jumps around a lot to begin with yet there is enough hints of something more epic unraveling, but it is still puzzling as hell and there isn’t a clear guide to just what is going on, but at least at the end we are rewarded with a look at the Mech which seems to be at the forefront of the series

b bullet

Black Bullet Ep 1 – While it starts off looking desperate, it quickly gets to the point (thou details about things are still sketchy, it is only ep 1), humans fighting against some kind of viral infection, not the first time we seen ideas like this, but the difference between the opening scene and the time skip makes things interesting not to mention a virus that transforms people so drastically and trying to figure out just how far up shit creek humanity really is, it seems like there is a bit of illusion surrounding the current world. Will be interesting to see where this goes.


SAO Season 2 Ep 1 – Its finally here, a lot of people think that the GGO arc is the better one so unfortunately there is high hopes. Ep 1 served to act as a filler between the arcs and has done an ok job of setting up the new season, there isn’t any major changes yet which is good


Fairy Tail – Ep 1-7

The first episodes start off by introducing us to the main characters and other key important characters within the series. It revolves around Natsu and Lucy as they join up and he takes her to his Guild, Fairy Tail, are rather famous and ill renowned at times guild (the guild itself seems to be stir crazy filled with all sorts of characters who seem to have a knack for total destruction) We are force fed quickly relevant news and details revolving around this magic world in an attempt to bring us quickly up to speed which woks to a certain degree. Also quick character introductions leave a lot of back-stories to evolve possibly at a later date. But for now we get a pretty good overview of how things work, we are already given a taste of the guilds powers with some early protagonists causing trouble and Natsu teaming up with Erza and Gray who after fighting, basically destroy an entire countryside. At the moment it looks like it could be an enjoyable anime series but as always it is dependent on how many episodes they have to develop the characters and the world more or not. Either way I’m almost hooked

Recommended Anime

Hajime No Ippo

Ippo is a boxing based anime following the life of Ippo Makanuchi, a shy boy who was bullied in high school but found boxing as a way to grow up. The story follows him as he joins the Kamogawa boxing gym where you meet the other main characters in the show. The show itself while mostly centred around Ippo still goes and focuses at times on other characters, building them up and exploring their pasts as well as their training and struggles to be the best that they can. The show tends to build up to each major fight, usually with light hearted and hilarious episodes aimed at their training, and then usually more serious during the fights, rinsed and repeated but this formula does work and it carries the show along nicely. The first season of episodes follows Ippo as he works his way to being the Japanese Champion, the second season New Challenger focuses more on Takamura and his quest at a world tittle, while the latest third seaon focuses on them both however Takamura who is a fan favourite and the strongest boxer in the series def has the lead at the moment, however Ippo is not far behind. The show makes excellent use of boxing styles with some characters imitating real life boxers as well as training programs and techniques that would mimic what boxers do in real life as well, of course adjusted a bit for a cartoon to keep it interesting but the fundamentals are there. It really shines thou with its character interaction, Takamura is friggen hillarious and is usually the centre of most the attention with the others backing him up, watching the goofy stuff they get up to in the gym is just as fun as watching the serious matches in the ring. Ippo is a well-rounded boxing anime that is definitely worth watching set in a fictional world but still based fundamentally on real life.


Animation 7/10 It is an older cartoon and the animation reflects that, however it is still pretty good

Characters 9/10 The characters are likable, relatable and very well thought out

Plot 6/10 It is hard to rate the plot because there isn’t much to it, train then fight and repeat, however they have done an extremely good job of making it flow well and be very interesting

Overall 7/10 A very well rounded sporting anime

Throw Back Character

The Pirates of Dark Water




No special skills except a sound ability to fight

Han Solo Type

Ioz joined up with Ren on his quest hoping to get rich from the adventure but like any good pirate he ends up changing his mind set and starts to believe in the quest and becomes more like a brother to Ren as he repeatedly risks his life for him and his companions time and time again. Even though he changes as the show progresses he is still a pirate at heart and will jump at the possibility of a get rich quick scheme. Overall Ioz is a pretty cool character, the ‘I don’t want to be a respectable hero’ who always ends up dong the right thing

Pirates of Dark Water was one of my favorite Saturday morning cartoons, it was drawn really well and the plot was well thought out mostly, a world in trouble of being taken over by evil forces using the dark water to infect and destroy it. Then enter the young prince who must collect the 13 treasures of rule to destroy the threat. Sure its not your ridiculously complicated story line but it worked and made for a great adventure cartoon. There was also some very noteworthy voices added to it as well, its just a shame (actually really did piss me off) that they finished the series about half way through. Still, it is worth revisiting at some point in your life or if your new to the series to at least see what would have been an epic tale

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