D’s Horizon – Episode 4: Summer fun

With summer season in its second week can finally start to gauge a little how the new shows will/might turn out. But first, some news


New Initial D movie to be released in Japan Aug 23, looks like its going to be part 1 of a new trilogy

Real G Next Project – Yup they are going to try and make that 18m tall Gundam statue they have in Tokyo actually move and do shit, prob wont be able to do much but still, sounds interesting, real life Gundams maybe not so far away as we might have thought..

Assignation Classroom anime to hit 2015 Winter season, live action film date still to be announced, not sure why but I like the sound and look of this

New DBZ movie is coming our way next Spring 2015

Street Fighter might be finally getting a V in front of it, I still wish they would do a decent movie or at least an anime reboot


Summer season recommendations

This week I am going to skip the episode briefs, I am still figuring out just what angle to take on those briefs, so instead I’ll go with the summer season here, this is a list of the summer shows I am wathcing and quick briefs on them


Akame Ga Kill

This is probably the most hyped new anime this season and after watching the first 2 episodes I can see why, what at first seems like your usual adventure anime quickly becomes something much more darker yet it still manages to maintain that childish anime comedy about it, will be interesting to see if it can keep that up. It revolves around a group of assasins who are trying to take down a corrupt country and at the moment it looks really good



Well this feels like another typical mecha anime, two sides fighting, one normal kid who stumbles across a more advanced mecha and does some damage with it… Hope there is some kind of twist to it, at the moment it feels like its been done before

Aldnoah Zero

Aldnoah Zero

So earth has been split into 2 almost different species, one group still on earth and the other living in space who have discovered technology far beyond their own giving them a huge evoulutionary step up. Thus enter the diplomatic talks that never start as the princess on a good will journey to earth gets blasted and the space fearing ‘knights’ basically use it as their excuse to decend to earth and start a war with their ridiculosly over powered army that they had been plotting to do since for ever anyways

Rail Wars

Rail Wars

Well this looks a little different from the norm, but yet so similar too… Anyways the story revolves around a group of kids who are recieving training to work for the rail company. A job that is taken very seriously and also is a great career move. They end up working security and have to deal with the happenings of  Tokyo station. It looks like a bit of fun

Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul

This starts of a little dark as a couple of ghouls cross paths, but then traves back into familiar anime territory. However this story does turn out interesting. Basically the main character becomes half ghoul after he is attacked by a troublesome ghoul and they both are severly injured, and the ghouls organs get implanted into the boy. It seems like the story is going to follow his life as he comes to terms with what he has become and the new world he has suddenly entered

Tokyo ESP

Tokyo ESP

Well this isnt the first esper based anime, the Zettai Karen CHildren series along with the OVA I really enjoyed (mostly) so to see a new esper based anime caught my attention to see if they could offer something different. At the moment only the first episode has come out but it seems different so far which is good but still looks like its going to deal with the whole human acceptance thing, along with good espers and bad espers, world domination etc etc But at least the powers look pretty cool

I would also include SAO Season 2, but I decided to make it my recommended anime this week so read below

Recommended Anime

 Sword Art Online (SAO)

SAO was propbably the first MMO based anime to really get the attention of mainstream anime fans. Its interesting take on the characters being stuck inside an MMO game with the same rules in place made for an interesting story. Like most anime it tackles bigger issues of the human psychi as the players who are trapped within the world battle to survive. The story is based around the nerve gear system which allows people to enter into MMO games via virtual reality, basically full emergnce within the game, so you think it and your avatar does it. In SAO a new game just being released, on its opening day thousnads of players log on only to discover that they can’t log back out. Eventually they are all told that the only way to exit the game is to either complete all 100 levels or die, however if you die inside the game, you die in the real world. The main protaganist is Kirito, an accomplished MMO player who quickly progresses thru the game alone while other people stick to the safety of forming guilds and parties. However after awhile Kirito finds himself teaming up with others ans things begin to get worse in the world.

Sword Art Online

SAO is a great adventure story, it flows really nicely and the character development is smooth, but it does suffer a bit from having an overpowered hero at times thou as the show progresses it does show that even an overpowered character has his limits. While it builds well as an individual story, this also limits it I feel as there is a lot of interesting things that get left out, esp with regards to other characters, the guilds and as the story progresses, the different races. Sao has set up a really indepth and imaginative world, however I really feel we miss out on a lot of it because of the focus being soley on Kiritos struggles. Some of the boss battles or epic struggles on the front lines could have been awesome to see (thou we do see Kirito going HAM on one boss which was pretty cool)

Overall it is a great anime and well loved by many people, I just wished they would explore the world more

Animation 9/10 It is really well drawn and just looks beautiful

Characters 8/10 They are a little annoying at times but they have depth

Plot 6/10 It is really solid and well written but it kind of works against it because it jumps forward too often and we miss out on too much

Overall 7.5/10 It is a great anime and very popular but I just feel like it moves forward to fast and misses/skips over too much, while some people like this, I don’t, I would rather get the whole picture


 Throwback Character

Bots Master

Ninjzz 2Ninjzz



Fighting style based on martial artists, added strength, speed and agility due to being a robot as well as enhanced ninja weapons and skills

Silent bad ass type, unspoken second in command


Ninjzz was the first robot boyzz to be made during the program to help deal with the crissis of fighting LM corp. ZZ was in need of a bot with specific fighting abilities as the other boyzz were not made specifically for combat all thought they are profecient fighters. He ended up basing Ninjzz on earths greatest martial artists thou he does seem to have a predominantly bruce lee feel about him. He is the silent type who only speaks when he has to speak. He is also a capapble leader, acting like a general and has taken over leadership before when ZZ and Blitzy were incapacitated (Twig would prob be Ninjzz second in command)

Bots Master was one of my favourtie childhood programs, who doesnt like theidea of having their own robots. The show was really well worked with a decent story line, weekly plots that added to the overall plot, interesting and crazy yet likeable characters and of course lots of action and robots fighting. Bots Master did come after transformers era but they gave it a different feel that I felt really made the cartoon work, its just a shame it stopped after the first season. It didnt help that the toy line was only limited because these toys would have helped propel it forward more but looking at the toys, it seemed they just werent a match for what was in the cartoon whch is prob why they didnt sell as good. An interesting thing to note was the shows use of 3d scenes, using the old red and blue styled 3d glasses you could wathc the actions scenes unfold in a much clearer way which was very forward thinking for its time



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