D’s Horizon – Episode 5: In short…

Since this week we are basically on the eve of Comic Con and the Guardians of the Galaxy hitting theatres I am going to keep it short since there is going to be a lot of news coming out in the next few days esp regarding DC and Marvel, so yup, next episode I’ll be dedicated to them! Also I have the BeFM DJ comp coming up soon as well as a trip to Taipei so yeah, its a busy time!

Short News

But for now, Naruto is back this week and the new movie has a release date scheduled this dec titled Naruto – the last Naruto, name is a little confusing, is it the last Naruto movie (prob not) or just a play on it

Bahumut, the popular card game has been rumored for an anime series for a while and seems to have been in the works, looks like it might come this Autumn season

Macross new series is ‘being planned/in the works’ basically meaning, dont hold your breath

Episde Briefs

Summer season is starting to get more intense now, coming up to episode 4 this week, I still think Akame Ga Kill and I would say Aldnoah Zero are my picks of the bunch. I know some people are a bit on the fence about Akame Ga Kill, mainly because the mood/tone jumps around so quickly, from being dark and gruesome one second, to being light hearted and comedic the next, however personally I like that, it kinda brings in the gore that you wish other animes had yet still has that fun side about it. I just wonder if it’s going to be as brutal as Shingeki when it comes to killing off people

One piece… Sanji is about to take on Dol Flamingo? Didn’t see that one coming, I wonder if he is still injured after that fight with Vergo and will Law intervene as well or will it be one on one, and will Sanji get his ass kicked… Kinda hope not but I’m guessing it will go that way

Mahouka, finally get to see Tatsyua let loose a little more and get to figure out more of his abilities, he is portrayed as such a bad ass

SAO seems to be taking a diff route to the first season, they have actually taken time out for some decent character development… maybe, if they have then I am def happy but I wonder if they will keep that up

Back into Fairy Tale, up to the next Saga, seeing Natsu take on an S rank quest, and now are about to run into all kinds of problems, this is also serving as Grays back story, and now Erza is on the way to bring them back… I sense more destruction is imminent

So that’s the news and anime recaps in a very small nutshell… as I said, it’s still a work in progress… But for now, here is my recommended anime and throwback character

Recommended Anime

Moretsu Pirates (Bodacious Pirates)

Moretsu Pirates is an interesting but fun take on what a future pirate might be like. The show is set far in the future as humans have colonized space and after the process of colonisation, independence and war has ended with a long term peace, pirates who were basically used as privateers during the wars are now little more than show pieces trying to make a living by ‘performing’ pirate raids and doing whatever other work they can manage. Enter Kato Marika, a first year high schooler living in an ‘outer’ colony who suddenly finds out her father who has recently died was in fact a pirate captain aboard the ship Bentanmaru and that she is set to inherit his position, not to mention she also finds out her mother was a very famous pirate as well. The story follows her as she comes to grips with this situation as well as deciding whether to take on the role as captain. Like most manga’s the story focuses on a young person taking on the lead role and in this case it does feel a little strange when you really look at it to think that a 1st year high school kid can become captain of a pirate ship, but other than that the series does handle this relatively well and it is nice to see the girls taking the lead in a more positive way than other animes which just tend to focus on sex appeal first rather than skill, Moretsu pirates tends to look at skill first, thou that’s not to say there isn’t a fair level of sex appeal thrown in there (just wait till she puts on a space suit… where did those come from?! and also there is the random high school girl scene where the other girls are trying to look at another girls breasts as well, kinda expected these days… disturbing) Kato Marika thou is often portrayed at times as an airhead who is actually really smart, not an uncommon theme among anime. The show does try to act serious on some levels with well thought out narratives explaining how the pirate works in their time as well as some light explanations of the current political climate and how they fit into that, but given its only 26 episodes long, there is only so much you can cram into such a short period. While there are obviously questions left unanswered, it doesn’t do a bad job of being cohesive enough to make it interesting and worth watching. The animation itself is pretty nice and mostly well thought out including ship designs, except for the stellar military ships, having the ship the shape of a knife?? I know its space but it just doesn’t seem that practical.


Overall the series is solid and finishes at a nice point for a first season leaving the viewer wondering about what could be next as it leaves the world at a very open stage, and a few big bombshells added in as well however there is no news on a second season and seems doubtful there will be one anytime soon. So if you can handle that annoyance then it is worth a watch

Animation 7/10 It is nicely drawn but has some weird design quirks

Characters 7/10 Some really likable characters but some others suffer at the expense of the main characters due to the short series length and are introduced to us out of nowhere at times

Plot 7/10 It has enough thought to it and just enough added mystery at times. The relationships between insurance company and pirates as well as the political climate makes for some interesting themes if they were able to be expanded on

Overall 7/10 It is solid and interesting, I like the details and the atmosphere it creates but it’s a shame there isn’t more episodes, feels like its nicely set up to be great in the long run only to have it short at one season

Throwback Character


panthro_moonlightserious_panthroGeneral to the Thundercats

Superior strength and figthting skills as well as technologically capable

Weapons: Nunchuku, Armour Spikes and the Thundertank (Extendable arms in the rebbot)

Panthro is one of the more badass Thundercats, weather you are looking at the original or the reboot of the series they have still kept his demeanour the same which is good and why I like him as a character. He is a noble and a general in the Thundercats and regarded as one of the best warriors around. While there are some small differences between the original and reboot, fundamentally he is the same character. He is strong and loyal, gets angry easy and is brilliant when it comes to technology. He is what you would describe as a heavy fighter, using his strength and skill to great effect during combat. His weapon of choice is a pair of fighting sticks that mimic nunchaku that have cat paws on the end. In the reboot he loses his arms and ends up having them replaced with extendable mechanical ones which give him more power. If all else fails you can also find him driving around causing chaos in the Thundertank which he is also very protective of

Thundercats is one of those childhood shows that many people will remember; the famous sword of omens was many a child’s favourite. The cartoon itself was pretty good, it had a solid toy line to accompany it and was animated pretty well for its time. The story would often progress as the Thundercats adapted to their new home and made friends while also trying to overcome Mum-ra and his evil forces. There was a reboot of the series in 2013 that I also really enjoyed but unfortunately didn’t do very well. They took a slightly new spin on the history and the characters bringing them into a more modern era I guess however it didn’t gain the popularity the original show did, my guess is due to lack of awareness and now people will prob be annoyed with it because it’s a tale left unfinished, but then again the original was also left pretty open ended which is common for most of the earlier cartoons with very few only ever reaching a somewhat definitive ending. The original Thundercats is like 100 something episodes long and is hard to find in good quality but if you’re feeling nostalgic I’m sure you can find it, however I would recommend trying out the reboot, it is shorter but it does add an interesting take

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