DJ Blaze vs Halo

My gamer tag is actually DJ Rufio, add me on Xbox Live

So with the launch of the Halo Master Chief Collection coming soon, I started looking back at some of my old Halo stat lists, a little bit hard to find since Bungie is obviously no longer in control of the Halo franchise now that it has moved to 343 Studios, but a lot of the content for Halo 3, Halo 2 and ODST is still located on the Bungie servers and websites so took a trip down memory lane digging thru all the stuff there and managed to find stats for all the games, was a bit to go thru. But with Halo waypoint, the summaries are at least easy to find.

I also got out my old Xbox 360 and found some gameplay videos I had saved so did a short compilation of them which you can see below. Most of them are from me being a cheap ass and using the gravity hammer to send fools flying in the warthog off the cliff… It was a great way to stop the flag and also it just looks funny as hell and it really was a lot of fun but it did piss some players off… meh too bad! Makes for some great game play footage!

So here is some recaps on how I use to fare playing Halo. It was especially hard playing in NZ where our internet speeds basically put anyone in NZ playing in overseas match making at a decent disadvantage. You wouldn’t notice it during mid to long range combat, but up close, esp sword exchanges, you basically had to anticipate and guess rather than move and react which ended up becoming a skill on its own. It wasn’t until Halo Reach that I moved to Korea, and oh my god, did it make a difference!

Halo: Combat Evolved

Well there are no stats to show for this which is a shame given it is where it all started and I didn’t get the anniversary edition (I knew the MC collection would eventual come so waited for that lol) It was on the original Xbox, but it reall did pave the way for todays FPS genre on consoles. We use to play via split screen above the Last Moa back in my uni days with 2 xbox’s linked up so had some epic 4v4 games… Oh how I miss beaver creek!!

Halo 2

Games: 1022 Kills: 7362 Deaths: 10584

Rufio, Blaze, Halo 2 Stats

I use to love playing Halo 2 online, but there was always a lot of match making issues which didn’t help the old KD ratio, but it was very enjoyable, but mostly enjoyed the close combat maps

Halo 3

Games 2202 Kills: 23811 Deaths: 23706

Rufio, Blaze, Halo 3 Stats

Halo 3 was awesome, I loved playing this online and had most of my favourite maps and the gameplay just felt right for both short-mid range and mid-long-range combat, it was well balanced and really was the best of the series so far

Halo 4

Games: 218 Kills: 2821 Deaths: 2469

Rufio, Blaze, Halo 4 Stats

While the graphics and matching making are a jump forward, some of the balancing and the whole loadout thing doesnt quite suit what Halo is, this aside thou it is a lot of fun with some epic maps and some good recreations of old favourites, the graphics and just overall upgrading and balancing of weapons as well as the addition of the new Promethean weapons still make this epic

Halo Reach

Games: 415 Kills: 5642 Deaths: 4065

Rufio, Blaze, Halo Reach Stats

Reach killed it for a lot of fans, thou it was hard to follow on from Halo 3 but the multiplayer just wasn’t up to scratch… at all, the new editions really missed the mark


ODST Stats, Blaze, Rufio

This was only firefight, which was a lot of fun when you could find other people to play with who were serious, but wasn’t really my thing. Still had some epic battles thou

Halo Wars

Rufio, Blaze, Halo Wars Stats

This really was an unsung hero for the RTS genre. RTS games have always struggled on console, but Halo Wars really did nail it with their interface to make what was a really great game. However online was never that easy, finding a team of 3v3 players who were serious wasn’t easy, but when you did get 6 players who could throw down it made for some long ass epic struggles!

So thats it for the games, there is that top down game but I never played it, looked ok thou. Once I play thru the campaigns again I will add some more gameplay footage as well as some campaign recaps. But interesting looking thru the stats, I really did play a LOT of Halo 3, and since then, well just haven’t really had the same time to play as much as I would have liked to. Least my K/D ratios are pretty good considering the game modes I like to play, e.g. mainly big team battles! I like the mix of chaos with having to actually work together, so CTF is usually my favourite game mode, however an 8vs8 on a smaller map slayer can be just as fun too! Speaking of maps…

My Top/Favourite multiplayer Maps

1. Beaver Creek (close range hectic combat, so much fun)

Halo Beaver Creek

2. Blood Gulch/Coagulation/Hemorrhage (mid-lone range with vehicles, great for team battles)

Blood Gulch Halo

3. Stand Off (close-mid range, great for flag games)

Stand Off Halo

4. Rats Nest (I only love this map because gravity hammer vs warthog = angry warthog passengers)

Rats Nest Halo

5. Valhalla/Ragnarok (mid range combat, just a great map)

Valhalla Ragnarok Halo

6. Lockout/Black Out (close range chaos)

Black Out Halo

7. Sidewinder/Avalanche (mid-long range combat, great for flag games, epic size)

Avalanche Halo

8. Sandtrap (mid-long range, vehicle fun and lots of variants)

Sand trap Halo

9. Midship (close range chaos)

Midship Halo

10. Exile (close-mid range madness with vehicles)

Exile Halo

I am definitely looking forward to going thru Halo from start to finish with the remastered graphics and also hoping they bring back some of my old time favorite maps. While some have obviously been remade and tweaked, there is still a couple of classics missing which I am hoping might make a return. I will have the Xbox One soon so will be eagerly waiting to stick my teeth into the story line again and also the new online playlists!

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