Autumn is Here

Time for another update

It has been awhile since I have updated my page, had more than a few things going on recently, some good while some bad. I did say this would be a year to get some work done and while I have mostly managed to stay on track, something’s have had to take a backseat. Luckily the things that have taken a back seat aren’t as crucial to achieve my goals as I look towards the next few years, in saying that, they are still things that I need to get back into my life.

Chilling with the bro DJ Angelo after taking out the win

As I said previously, it is nigh time that I start to shift my focus in life and I have been steadily doing that. Moving away from the hectic nightlife scene of the DJ world and enjoying the more laid-back bar scene where I can play the music I like and less of the bullshit. So for the last few months I have mainly been DJn at Living Room. A spot that I really enjoy playing at because I can literally play anything and everything! I did decide to do BeFM one last time just so I could finally get my second win and put that little saga to rest. Not only did I manage to win but I managed to win in style and got a really good DJ video out of it so it was well worth it in the end (along with the pay check)

Playing at Seoul Comic Con 2018

As for my future as a DJ, I will be staying mostly away from the club scene, the occasional festival or guest club spot will likely be the extend of my ambitions for that kind of DJn. But, even thou I’ll be stepping away from that scene, there is something else I am working towards as a DJ that will be an interesting undertaking. I have already made some inroads towards that goal and will update more when I am ready to fully announce my intentions.

So looking at my goals I posted up in my last update post. I’m happy to say I have been progressing well with each. I have started to save a decent amount of money so that my euro trip is looking more like a reality. My summer hasn’t been that wild but I have had some success and working well with my projects.

And finally, my e-sports portfolio. I have been making very big inroads towards this and look forward to continue to build up my skills through my work within the AOE as well as some other endeavors.

AOE Rise up finals, happy to be a part of this!

It hasn’t been all good however. The adjustment to my new hours and workload hasn’t been easy. Because of this, other things have had to suffer, mainly not going to the gym after work and being extra tired after work and in the weekends. I haven’t been playing touch as much either. Also blog posts and social media has taken a back burner as well. It does seem like I will need to make a slight adjustment to my plans going forward but the end goal still remains the same.

Just another beer festival, great times!

So with the state of things it has been hard to find the motivation to do all the things I want to. Luckily between now and the end of my contract there is quite a few breaks that should help keep me rejuvenated including a trip to Japan for a week over Chuseok. This and some determination to overcome my lack of motivation because of work and I can hopefully get myself back on track. With that in mind I will be setting myself up some goals along with a few others to try and get some things back on track. Expect to see more from my social media side of things as well as I move forward. Time to get back to it!

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