The Travel Diaries – The Windy City

Returning to Wellington after 9 years

Wellington in its natural state

And of course things haven’t really changed at all. NZ has the habit of remaining relatively the same over long periods of time with only small changes appearing, a stark contrast to a city like Seoul which is constantly changing and changing fast. But this is also why it is great to be back in NZ, things are still familiar even after being away for so long.

My time in Welly ended up being a whirlwind tour, arriving lunchtime on a Wednesday, I spent the afternoon buying and sorting out all the paper work etc for my new car! Finally having a set of wheels again and being able to drive has been a lot of fun. I really did miss driving. That night saw the return of life to the clubs and of course being a Wednesday, meant student night out in Welly and they were out in force. So much so, I was even compelled to jump into the DJ booth of one of the clubs and do a short set, shame the mixer was broken but it was still fun to dust off the cobwebs.

Lines on a Wednesday night, must be students!

Thursday ended up being a much longer day than I had thought, catching up with Shan and Huta as well as Raw and seeing some future plans being set in motion for Welly. After that, I spent the afternoon checking out the new audio performance center for the DJ school (the Pioneer DJ Tour set up is ridiculous) and then proceeded to set up the place for live streaming and getting their computer up to pace. Thrust right into the thick of things, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Pioneer DJ Tour Set Up… Overkill much?!

Friday was the first day that I could actually chill for a bit and get some shopping done. That night, we headed out for a quiet few drinks and to look around the bars and get a feel for how the scene might have changed (it hasn’t changed at all) It was nice to head out but it got busy really fast, again being the first weekend back to normal was the green light for everyone to hit the bars and clubs after a long hiatus. I managed to catch up with some of our Korean Whanau and have a good talk with them before finally retiring for the night.

Meeting up with some of the ROK fam

Saturday was another long day, after catching up with the bro Ninja, we went and hung out at the performance studio (and also I ran Raws live stream) and caught up with some others as well. Snacks, drinks and music was the name of the evening and it was good fun. Later on I took a stroll down Courtney Place to see the utter madness of a full blown Saturday night, needless to say there was no way I was stepping foot in any of those jam packed clubs. I ended up hanging out with Sonny for awhile before grabbing a pie and heading to bed.

Live stream ready to go

Sunday finally rolled along and it was time to say goodbye to Wellington and continue on northwards. It was a perfectly sunny day so great for driving. On my way out, I stopped at my friends place in Porirua for breakfast and a walk out by the beach. It was a good catch up and interesting to see the change out in that area as well. Also interesting to see the work that is being done by College Sport Wellington setting up a League of Legends tournament in the region too. I will be revisiting that at some point.

Porirua is a really nice area

And with that, I was finally underway, next stop, Napier!

Marcus Powell has been living and working in South Korea since 2010. He has now returned back to NZ. Aside from writing his own blog, he is also a popular Club DJ, Gamer, Community manager, esports fan and anime enthusiast.

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