Home Studio

So one of the projects I am working on this year is learning how to basically run my own home recording studio so I can record vocals for some things I have in the works. Sounds difficult at first but the setting up and getting it running isn’t actually that hard, the difficulty really lies in first, reading through as many reviews as possible so you can decide which piece of equipment you wish to use and then, secondly, learning about recording and mastering of tracks (the second part I’ll cover in another post). So, for the mean time I’m going to quickly run over the gear I am using and also the price I paid just in case your interested in costing out your own set up

So first up lets start with the Microphone, after some exhaustive research I settled on the reasonably priced Rode NT1-A


In the box it also comes with shock mount, xlr, mic bag and pop filter all for 266,500won. I settled on this mic after reading reviews and its recommendation as a good mic to capture ‘Hip Hop’ vocals well. I will be looking at adding a second microphone soon, geared more towards female singers, and after reading reviews it will probably be the Audio Technica AT-2020


Cost is 145,000won so very reasonable (yes I am sticking to the budget end of the scale for now since I am only starting out)

Next along the chain from the microphones is the USB/Recording interface. At first I was going to go with an M-box of some design, but after talking to a friend I found something else that could turn out to be alot better and so I settled on a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2


2 Channel with phantom power, audio and headphone outs, this tight little unit will set you back 189,500won

Next along the chain is the DAW program. This was kind of a no brain-er since I’m using a mac so the obvious choice was Logic Pro. I have already had experience using this program in the past and find the interface pretty intuitive and easy to use


You can get Logic Pro from the Mac store for around 199.99$ (USD I think) and is worth the investment if you own a mac since it is very easily integrated into other mac features (one of the bonuses of using all apple based hardware and software)

The last main component is monitor speakers, again another long research process trying to find speakers with as flat as possible sound for a reasonable price, again after all most going back to M-Audio, I ended up settling on a pair of Alesis M1 Active 520 Studio Monitors


Still waiting for these to arrive, but should be here later this week and cost me 347,200won

Other bits and pieces I also picked up were a couple of mic stands (28,400won each), a mic thing to reduce ambient sound (75,000won) and adjustable speaker stands to make sure the monitor speakers are the right height (50,000won each)

The only thing I’m left to decide on is headphones (a pair for the artists to use as reference and maybe a pair for myself to use as second monitors) But I have a couple of pairs that will do in the mean time.

Since I am just starting out I didn’t want to break the bank with the best of the best gear so I did my research to try and find quality gear at a budget price that would hopefully meet my requirements and ended up with a full working set up for around 1,200,000won (1,400,000won if you include the second mic and a standard pair of headphones)

For those of  you who are also thinking of making your own home studio, the most important piece of advice I can give you is to first decide just what exactly it is you are wanting to achieve and from there you can start doing you research into what you will need so you can start researching he right gear in your price range. Make sure you do you research and read reviews and if you know people who work in the industry, ask them!!