D’s Horizon S02 Episode 1

So its been awhile between posts so time to get back into it again, so why not start a new season just as the new TV seasons kick off. They all start within a few weeks or so of each other plus some other shows are also just on the horizon, so lets take a quick look at whats coming up!


Gotham, Season 2, Episode 1 September 22nd:

Well last season left us in an interesting place to start the second season off with. My hope is that they continue to sort the show out and start to focus on the story more rather than trying to set up everything so fast to keep people interested. The first season really did just start of name dropping as many Batman related characters as possible abd it was till half way thru the season did we really see that start to drop off and get some really good character development. Everything is there but theplot execution is still way out. They have a good set of characters cast well who suit their roles well but it was just a let down story wise. I am really hoping they can pull this together for season 2 because the show has a lot of potnetial


Agents of Shield, Season 3, Episode 1 September 29th:

Well season 2 def cemented this as a great show and it left us in a very interesting position at the end. It looks like we will come into season 3 with the knowledge that Inhumans could and will be all over the world now as well as the world dealing with the backlash of the AOU fallout. It seems like we will have possibly 2 teams running around now but my real question is, what is Shield going to become now that the Avengers seems to have become a fully fledged agency unto itself and also with that in mind, how will Civil War shake things up again… Im eagerly looking forward to this season


Flash, Season 2, Episode 1 October 6th:

I love how they have done flash with the only exception of the whole Iris story, she annoys me, but the rest of it I am totally loving. looking forward to seeing how they progress the second season especially with Grod! The first season had a lot to like about it both character and story wise but of course also there is the bigger universe to contend with as well and the crossover episodes are especially enjoyable. Cant wait to see more cross over episodes while also enjoying season 2


Arrow, Season 4, Episode 1 October 7th: While the first 2 seasons were really good, season 3 fell down pretty flat in comparison, not that it didnt have some very exciting and great moments and finished off relatively nicely, it really felt like an interlude season that has hopefully tied up a lot of lose ends and will make way to season 4 being more enjoyable and hopefully more meaningful as well. Again the corssovers are something very special so along with those and the promise of a new villain, lets hope season 4 can get arrow back on track again


Walking Dead, Season 6, Episode 1 October 11th:

It gets a mention because again it is based on a comic book and it has been a pretty good zomibe TV show thou of course it has its faults. The trailer looks pretty epic and gruesome so it looks like the show is going to keep up with its traditional values. Will be interesting to see how this season pans out and just how long they plan to keep this show going, thou we all know, once Daryl dies, its game over!

fear the walking dead

Fear the Walking Dead, Currently Screening: So I haven’t started on this showy but will start it next week. It looks good and have heard it isn’t too bad so far but we shall see.

Further out shows we stil have to look forward to are:


Supergirl, October 26th:

Wasn’t overly impressed by the trailer however this might not be that bad, will have to see the first episode in its entirety till can give this any real review but it does look interesting.


Jessica Jones, November 20th:

The next inline from the Netflix series that will eventually lead to the Defenders, Jessica Jones is set to hit very soon. After the huge success that was Daredevil, people are hoping that this will carry the same weight and punch that DD did. It is hard to know what to expect as we are yet to see a trailer but it will be coming soon as the premier date gets closer


Legends of Tomorrow:

This show just looks and sounds freaking awesome! If you have seen the trailer then you will no doubt agree. The characters are all pretty well known and we know how they are and the dynamic between them is going to be great!

Agent Carter Season 2:

While it wasnt a huge success, the first season had a lot to love about it and Peggy Carter is a great character. There was some really great moments during the first season esp the reunion with the Howling commandoes. After watching Ant Man there is def a lot of scope they can work with while dealing with this series and the foundation of shield, i really hope they keep this going because it will make as a nice history piece for the MCU

D’s Horizon: Episode 12 – Mid Season is over

I know its been awhile between posts, but with this cold ass weather it is easy to be distracted but I’m back to writing again and thought since I have been watching mostly TV shows the last few months, it would be a good chance to post up some mid-season finale reviews/thoughts esp now that most of the shows are back on from the Xmas hiatus. Thou the whole mid-season thing is a little annoying but I guess with Xmas it does make sense since TV programming basically goes to hell over this period. Anways, it has been a good TV season, which makes up for the average ish Anime season even after I was all hyped for it, ill cover anime next time once I do some catching up during my break in the following weeks.

On a side note, I did watch the whole series of ‘Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire’ which was very good, but my god, nothing like greedy mofos to screw up a good thing! Might touch on that in another post at some stage as well.

So, onto the reviews and ill start with the surprise stand out


This had me hooked from the get go, the movie wasn’t bad, Keanu did a good job of playing Constantine, not having much knowledge of him before that I found it interesting and a good movie, not great but good, however this new rendition is just awesome, the casting of Constantine even again without knowing the comics just works so beautifully and the rawness of the show leads to some brutal moments both visually and emotionally. The show centers around Constantine as he comes out of a self-exile situation to battle the rising darkness while also coming to terms with a past and conscious that is screwed up at best. Each episode is a stand-alone type of thing while building towards the bigger picture and it just works, I can’t really praise it enough. The mythology used is well thought out and puts a nice spin on things. The finale ended up with a cliffhanger and a bit more clarity on things while still leaving a lot to come. The betrayal was a bit set up but worked all the same and it’s nice to see him finally come up against something he has no idea how to handle. Can’t wait for it to start back up again



The season started off annoyingly ‘cryptic’ for lack of a better word, while things kinda just kept going, we were without a real driving force, a villain, after Death Stroke was ‘removed’ we were eagerly waiting for a new villain, knowing that they wouldn’t use Merlin again and finally towards the end we learned it would indeed be Raus Al Gould who was splendid in the mid-season finale handing Oliver’s ass to him and looks like paving the way for a supernatural element to finally hit properly in the show (the Mericual drug while factious, still has some scientific relevance… ish) The season really did shine with the last few episodes, first with the crossover with Flash which was a hell of a lot of fun (Diggle’s reaction is priceless) and then the Finale with Ras. Arrow looks to be back on track while also appearing to set itself up to add to its roster finally of good guys, hopefully giving a greater dynamic for the show. Can’t wait to see this play out as well as more crossovers

 Arrow Flash


This keeps going from strength to strength while also giving us a whole heap of just what the fuck is going on with Well’s moments, even the ‘reveal’ in the finale was more of a mind fuck than a reveal because it didn’t actually answer anything and leaves us with even more questions. I must admit the whole love story thing gets annoying at times but I guess they need to throw that shit in there to keep the mushy audience happy… at least I hope that’s their reason, I mean yes in the context of the story it is needed but sometimes the focus of it is just, I don’t know, too much? Anyways, Flash looks awesome and his attitude is just about perfect, the villains have been good to. They have done well in capturing flashes universe here, makes me wonder just how they will go with the Flash Movie and Justice League… I am really hoping they don’t fuck it up…


Walking Dead

Well, way to kill someone off in an annoying manner, it just didn’t make sense… but the reactions were gold. The show really does have its great moments mixed up with um really, you could have done better moments. The Eugine reveal is an interesting one, at the same time also annoying, sure, the show is about survival, but finally this season they start to ask, survival for what? To what end? And as I have said before, where is the end game, sure a show about survival is cool, but to keep people really interested and guessing you are going to need some kind of build up to something, not just every time they find a safe haven, a new way to fuck it up so they have to hit the road again. Now I know this is a little tricky since the comics are far ahead and they draw from that, and since I have made effort not to read them (thou I am really tempted to and prob will end up doing so) this is just speculation from a fan in that position. But I really want some kind of end game or some kind of at least more of a forward thinking from them to find a proper safe haven, my guess is they head to Washington where there is likely going to be some kind of ‘haven’ but if it was me, I would be headed the other way to the Caribbean and hitting up the Islands there, if you could clear out an Island, you would be pretty much safe and could establish a colony there with little trouble… Might elaborate more on that in a future post with a ‘What I would do in a zombie apocalypse’

 Walking Dead


While we were forced feed a bit at the start, the show has really settled down into a good cop show, Penguin is a stand out, his character is so well done, Gordan as well, the introduction of Dent was interesting, again felt forced but apart from some of those ambiguities, the show is interesting and provides an interesting insight into Gotham, Gordan and importantly, Bruce, seeing how he might have become Batman from his younger years after his parents murder is interesting as we often see him, not much of his origin story, sure Nolan gave us one but the focus was still later on, the shift of focus to his childhood is a newer take (I think one of the comics did this as well?) and combine that with origins for all the villains as well from a similar perspective provides us with a great show so far. Anyways, the show has left us in an interesting place as plots are starting to take shape as well as various relationships and political motives/agendas are forming as well. They have rammed a lot in over a short time


Finally, my favourite, esp with Ultron on the way…


Ok so firstly, was excited to learn Lawless was going to be in the show… But um fail, she was dead after the first Episode. That aside, Shield kicked off right where the first season left it, in a very interesting place and going full steam ahead, sure the first half of season one was a set up and it was important because now we just have a show set up in a great universe that has endless possibilities. So to get the obvious out of the way, Skye is an Inhuman, the Alien tech was Kree, Hydra is all over the place, Is Whitehall really dead, Ward is much better as a love puppy bad guy, Skye is finally a badass, May was always a badass, The Fitz/Simmons thing was almost perfectly done and Coulson has his mind back, kinda, and they Killed Trip?! So the mid-season finale… Has gone into setting up the Inhumans for the MCU and has also made the Kree connection to earth, basically linking up a lot of things. The questions to be seen are, what will Age of Ultron change? (Obviously everything, again!) Will the story focus on Inhuman’s more? Will Shield still be around? How is Civil War going to affect the landscape once again?! Is Skye going to have superpowers? Will Ms Marvel come from Shield or will she come from the GOTG side of the universe? Will they touch on Daredevil and give it an intro of sorts? Honestly anything Marvel does at the moment is right on the money, sure, it has its holes, but meh, does care! This is the golden age of superhero movies, best to enjoy it!


Add on…

Agent Carter

So filling in the Marvel TV void till Shield comes back on, we have Agent Carter, set after World War 2, we find Pegy back in New York working for the SSR, removed from her rank and position in the war to that of a female agent living in a time where female rights were at best revolved around a woman should know her place, Carter is set in an interesting time and shows her struggles to adapt after the war and to fit back in to a world dominated by men even thou she is more than competent. The introduction of Jarvis and his relationship with Carter is brilliant, esp the contrast between her being a badass and him trying to be a proper ‘gentleman’. Howard Stark is also interesting as a character, with all his own scheming. The show is just starting out but already it is enjoyable. It will be interesting to see where they take the show, we know that Carter and Stark and instrumental with the founding of Shield, but we also know that Shield is infiltrated early on by Hydra, maybe even co-founded by agents whose loyalties are secretly with Hydra, making for some interesting spy drama. The other thing I am interested in is, will we see Hank Pim at some stage during the Carter series, we know that when Ant Man comes out, he is older and giving up the ‘Ant Man’ persona

Agent Carter

D’s Horizon Episode 10: Marvel and DC Domination

So it has been a big few weeks for both Marvel and DC in the news, Marvel with their big Cap 3 announcement, DC dropping their eniter movie line up and then the release of the jaw dropping Age of Ultron trailer… god dam! But also the TV shows have all been really good to! Often over looked esp in the MCU since AOS is directly involved in it, there are plot threads coming left right and centre!

But anyways this update has been a little delayed, mainly because I wanted to at least see a couple of episodes from each show (thou I have also been pretty distracted lately too), but with walking dead starting much later than the others, I have already hit episode 5 for Gotham and AOS. So this can be more of a recommendation for those wondering if they should pick up these shows or not… and all I can say is, yes you should!! None have been disappointing at all and are all looking right on track to be favourites. Not to mention they work into a nice schedule too. Walking Dead Sun/Mon night, Gotham Mon/Tue, AOS and Flash Tue/Wed and Arrow Wed/Thur. So right there you have your week mostly covered! Anyways on to my first impressions.


Gotham Penguin

Have been waiting for this to come out, have managed to avoid most of the lead up to it so wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from the show, it is kind of nice going into something with little expectation these days as shows and games etc are often over hyped. For me this wasn’t the case with Gotham. Without giving to much away ill briefly go over how the show went for its piolet/episode 1 debut.

Based on the time before Batman and no it isn’t set in Nolans Batman universe (thou it feels like it could easily be so) we are introduced to a young detective Gordan who seems to be just starting out in Gotham as well as a young Bruce Wayne and we also see his parents murdered so it gives you an idea of the current time line. The show follows the detectives as they rush to solve the murder and quickly opens up the current political and social climate of Gotham (you will also have some idea of this from the batman movies as well or the comics) It acts as a nice introduction/reintroduction into the world and also managed to introduce some of the famous Batman villains in their younger years before they become criminals. The show itself is said to build more on these characters as the season progresses. It will be interesting to see just how far the show progresses before it ultimately runs into time with a grown up Bruce Wayne.

For a piolet episode it achieves what it sets out to with relatively few hiccups, the characters are believable and the setting and scenery capture a nice Gothan City, a good mix of the Cartoon darkness mixed with the real world. It does feel a little force fed in parts but that’s to be expected for a piolet and I have been excited for each new episode to come out and as it has progressed it has got better and better

AOS Season 2

ABC's "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." - Season Two

So with season one, I was one of the people who enjoyed the slower paced beginning and the set up to what ended up being a very good finale and final quarter of the season, obviously with the huge hydra reveal in Cap 2 and the writers knowing about this in advance they used the first half of the season well to set things up for this. Season 2 kicks off a few months after we are left in season 1, Hyrda has gone to ground and Shield is now under Director Coulson with Fury still presumed dead. We still don’t know the status about Hawkeye or Widow or even Cap etc but they will obviously show up in Age of Ultron, so for now we get to see the rebuilding of shield as they try and mop up after the fall.

They are still branded as criminals so it has given the show a nice place to start from and we know at least to some degree what it will be building up to eg Age of Ultron before dealing with the fallout from that at the end of the season. The start of the episode gives us a nice throwback which also will set us up for Agent Carter, and I am really looking forward to that and the Howling Commandoes.

I won’t say too much about the first episode except to say it introduces a new powerful villain and a host of issues the team has to deal with, some expected and others, well done in a way I wouldn’t have thought of. It was a good first episode, solid enough to stand on its own, but the fact we know it is set in the MCU, well our expectations are somewhat higher for this show knowing the resources they can pull from. I really hope they don’t hold back too much this season, and episode 1 seems to be the right way to start and can’t wait for the season to play out and every episode so far has been pretty dam good


Flash CW

This is a difficult one because a lot of people had already seen the first episode since it was screened at one of the cons and so we already had an idea of what to expect. The first episode was solid enough given we have already been introduced to his character during season 2 of arrow and it seems that that link between the 2 shows will be kept strong so that is a good thing! The first episode itself was ok, obviously set as a piolet and to set up the world of flash. Arrow mostly deals with humans, however Flash will obviously stray from that and meta-humans will be introduced into that world so they managed to do this in a simple and easy way.

The problem I have with the show is that it won’t be attached to the larger DC universe. Which to me is annoying because the first episode was good and I like what they have done with Flash not to mention a nice little mind f##k at the end of the episode as well. After watching what was possible with Quicksilver in X-men, I am hoping they can bring in similar effects with Flash (budget allowing) and have high hopes for this show with already a few plot threads keeping you thinking, wait, wtf?

Arrow Season 3

Arrow Season 3

So it has been awhile and a little time has passed since season 2’s crazy finale, and we are right back into the action off the bat as well as back to the team dynamics and possible fractures. It works well however there is a few points that I was thinking oh, so that’s how they are really going to do that story plot? There is a few re hashes from the first 2 seasons which could worry me (its the drug that never ends) But hopefully with the introduction of Flash into that universe we will see Arrow start to branch out from the norm a bit too. At least the ending was a nice shock! Hopefully they can carry on with this but arrow feels like it is getting to its make or break season. Still yet to see who the main antagonist will be… (a few possibilities but nothing concret yet)

Walking Dead Season 5

Walking Dead

Season 5 already, and still going strong and this episode was a great way to get back into it, thou it wasn’t without a few um really moments, but yeah it’s not perfect but still pretty dam good. It still has its brutal ness and new ways of seeing zombie madness. Rick has hit another turning point, Carol was straight gangsta, Tyrese managed to do what matters in the end (or did he) despite having some reservations so it looks like everyone is back on song again. For those who might be new to the walking dead, obviously you should start from the beginning, it is a long haul to catch up to season 5 but it is def filled with some good moments, lots of blood and gore and new and improved ways to kill those pesky zombies!

However we are now getting to the point in the show were some kind of end game should come into sight, it was obviously eluded to in the previous season, and it looks like that could continue to develop this season, as always it is hard to tell with shows like this just how long they will last for, I think season 5 ish is def the telling point in many shows weather they will continue for many seasons to come or if they are starting to wane. But walking dead seems to be in a strong position, it is still widely watched and there is plenty of content still to draw from with the comics and the potential to find either a cure or some kind of end game scenario is something that could still cover at least a couple of seasons to come. However personally I feel an end game scenario needs to start to feature more heavily in the story line and it appears the writers feel the same way

Thats it for now, have a long overdue anime review to post up next week as well as some other posts that are sitting finished on my Ipad. Will try and get them up asap 🙂

D’s Horizon Episode 9 – Business as normal

Well after those Ddos attacks have died down it seems it is business as usual… for now at least, so time to hit into episoe 9, we are coming to the end of some shows for the summer season which also means Fall/Autumn season is basically on us with the first of the new anime starting this weekend and there is a lot of new shows coming out as well as continuations of some very popular ones so it is definitely an exciting time! However it is not just anime that is starting over, in the real life adaptation of comics, we also have a heap of shows starting too so I’ll start with those this week and next episode will catch up again on the anime shows I have been watching.

Oh it is a good time to be a comic lover! So first up, let’s see what is hitting the small screen first this fall but a quick note…

http://www.anichart.net/fall Go to this page for a full listing of Fall Anime shows!!

Upcoming on TV

Arrow Oct 8th. Season 3 of what is DC’s very successful adaptation of the character

Arrow Season 3

Agents of Shield Sept 23rd. Agents of Shield returns for it’s second season, I am expecting big things from this season and looking forward to the tie ins with Age of Ultron

AOS Season 2

On a side note for Agents of Shield, I am looking forward to this little crossover/back story too with Agent Carter

Agents of Shield & Agent Peggy Carter

Gotham Sept 22nd. The show is set to act as an origin/back story to Nolans Batman series but focusing on detective Gordan as well as the origins of popular batman villains as well. It is an interesting idea

Gotham TV Show

Flash Oct 7th. Flash finally gets a proper on screen debut, with the cross overs between this and arrow and just the fact we get flash! I am excited for this

Flash CW

Walking Dead Oct 12th. And of course who can forget zombies, zombies and more zombies! The new season is finally here, so what the hell is terminus really all about

Walking Dead Season 5

Well that’s the TV shows, a lot of goodness there, it’s great to see these comic book adaptions hit the small screen and bringing us some fresh takes and ideas on some already fan favorite material… Seriously TV lately has been out doing movies with regards to this… but that’s another debate, for now, on to the anime for this fall I’m looking forward to…

Log Horizon Season 2 Oct 4th. Looking forward to season 2 of my fav anime

Log Horizon Season 2

Shingeki no Bahamut Genesis Oct 6th. Based loosely on the card game I also play so interested to see if it is any good

Shingeki no Bahamut Genesis

Cross Ange: Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo Oct 4th. Mechs vs Dragons? Sounds fun

Cross Ange - Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo

Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works Oct 4th. I haven’t watched this myself but have heard good things about the series and I know some people are waiting eagerly for it

Fate-stay night - Unlimited Blade Works

Gundam: G no Reconguista Oct 2nd. A new Gundam series…

Gundam - G no Reconguista

Kiseijuu Oct 8th. Also known as Parasyte, Kind of like a body snatches meets anime type deal yet more disturbing maybe


Magic Kaito 1412 Oct 4th. Sounds a little diff, international jewel thief vibe going on

Magic Kaito 1412

Psycho Pass 2 Oct 9th. I think I need to watch the first season as this is the most anticipated anime this season

Psycho Pass 2

Terra Formars Sept 26th. Sounds a bit like starship troopers… sweet!

Terra Formars

World Trigger Oct 4th. Alien invasion, warriors with powers… Sounds good

World Trigger

At the moment these are the anime I am keeping my eye on and will endeavor to at least watch the first few episodes of. From summer season the only ones still going will be Akame Ga Kill and SAO 2 (as well as the long show runners) so it is a nice fresh start, however there is a lot starting so it will be difficult to keep up with everything! If you want to check out all the anime dropping this fall, again go here, http://www.anichart.net/fall, they have a really nice list along with countdowns to the first episode and short briefs of each anime

Well while you contemplate what your Fall viewing schedule is going to consist of (yeah good luck with that!) here is a recomended anime for you

X-men Evolution

As far as X-men go, we have seen them come across in various forms, in the cartoon world, there was the original X-men cartoon which did very well and stayed pretty true to the comics, however my favorite incarnation of the mutant team is definitely X-men Evolution, for various reason, but just overall it was done well (as can be expected from a 20min cartoon)

X-Men Evolution

The plot basically follows the X-men during their high school years, dealing with trying to keep their mutant powers undercover while attending a local high school and at the same time dealing with threats that arise from either other mutants or political figures and their meddling’s. Of course magneto features heavily as an antagonist and the usual dichotomy created between him and Xavier is ever present during the show. However they have removed some of the rivals that most people are use to and added some new ones. The big thing is removing Wolverine and Jean’s ‘love’ interest which personally I really like because it was one thing about wolverines character that really annoyed me, instead Jean is in her teenage years, and her relationship with scoot is slowly developing, and instead they add the 3rd party as Rouge, which kind of works in some ways, it just makes more sense and feels more natural than the whole Jean wolverine thing.

X-Men Evolution 2

X-men evolution deals with most of the issues bought up thru the comics, it is split into 4 seasons, each taking on a different story ark but ultimately all being tied in together, first dealing with magneto, then dealing with Mutants becoming exposed and finally taking on the man himself, Apocalypse. While there is obviously a few notable villains missing, there is more than enough to carry these 4 seasons thru even if it does appear patchy at times. The other argument is that the newer Wolverine and the X-men cartoon (that annoyingly got canned after one season) is a continuation of X-men Evo or could easily be seen as that especially since it happens when they are all older and introduces some new characters


But that aside, X-men Evo is a good watch and has a defined start and finish and follows the story of X-men in a slightly different light that I found enjoyable

4 Horsemen X-men

Animation 7/10 – It’s a step up from the older series for sure, but the way the characters have been drawn is to reminiscent of many other cartoon series, was kind of hoping for something a little different, however they all look really good

Characters 7/10 – Each character gets their own time in the spotlight as the show progresses which is nice as we can get to know them better, but it is a rehash of what we already know, however if you are new to X-men then this is really nice

Plot 6/10 – It is simple, we already know it, there is no major twists or anything unexpected but there are some changes which I like, it is patchy in parts but it is still good

Overall 6/10 – There are amine which are better and more in-depth, however the X-men story is always a favorite and they have done well with it here and while I don’t rate it high, I do recommend watching it

D’s Horizon: Episode 7 – DC Got Game

Yeah its a little late… but thats ok, I been busy…

So, last time was my Marvel rant, this time its prudent I show DC some love, but honestly I haven’t been as huge a follower of DC except for what’s in the main stream, so yes, seen all the batman and superman movies etc and some of the cartoons but haven’t delved much more into it than that, however I did read a the following review which I feel sums it up perfectly, so I am sharing it with you, and yes, Marvel might be on top in the movies… however in other media, DC def got game!


Seriously, read this article, it is very much on point

My two cent views…


The original Batman movies had some of the best characters and some of the worst ever seen in the movie industry, having such extremes definitely didn’t help but the films were good.


Then along came Nolan and gave us a really good origin story that just worked and gave us an amazing joker


As for superman, well we know that has been all over the place, Christopher Reeve was always amazing, Smallvile was meh, Lois and Clark… well yeah you get the picture. The new reboot however was good as an origin story; so glad that is out of the way.

Green Lantern Poster Wallpaper 11

Green lantern was a fail, sad given the characters looked pretty good and the made his powers appear really cool, however was also disappointed they went with a white Green Lantern


The cartoons are definitely where DC shines, I haven’t watched any of them religiously but the ones I have seen, eg Justice League, Batman: The animated series, young justice, Teen Titans etc, are just awesome. And the animated short movies are even better


Arrow: Finally started watching arrow and have to say, I am hooked. I really liked how they kept it dark, gloomy and serious, even thou it’s a little different to how he is portrayed in the comics, I like this take on him better


Flash: Not out yet but I am looking forward to this


BvS: I am worried about this, thou the pictures and premise sounds good so far, it still feels like this movie is here to play catch up to Avengers and might try to much too fast. I am hoping the other characters who might appear in this movie are mere ‘cameo’ appearances and that the movie mainly focuses on Sups and Bats. I am extremely interested to see how Lex Luthor is, controversial casting call there but it makes a lot of sense and I think could end up being a genius move


What I want from DC

I want DC to take their time with their movies like Marvel has managed to do, but also at the same time I don’t wont to be over loaded with too many origin stories etc So I am hoping they will find a good balance. The other thing that has me worried is they have said there wont be a cross over between their tv series and the movies… Um so what does that mean for flash? He is one of the original justice league members… DC has the content, but it really depends how they use it. As that article said, DC needs to look at how successful their other media has been and make sure their new cinematic creations don’t fall flat… again…

Recent Sad News


Studio Ghibli closes… the studio of some of the best animated movies of all times is over…


Robin William passes away, a fellow geek and provider of smiles all around the world, it is sad to see him go

Recommended Anime

Log Horizon

Log Horizon was one of the big surprises last year, another anime based on an MMO story line. With the success of SAO and the prevalence of other MMO type Anime, Log Horizon was almost caught in no mans land between all the others being constantly released, however the story line and the premise for Log Horizon really blew a lot of people away and quickly has become a fan favourite and personally speaking, way better than SAO! The story follows an Enchanter named Shiroe as he as well as thousands of others are suddenly trapped within the world of Edler Tale, a popular MMO that has just recently received a major update, drawing a lot of older players back into the game. The story follows Shiroe as he and others try to make sense of what has happened and what it takes to survive in this world. It really does well at tackling the emotional side and possible trauma associated with being trapped in a new world and also their impact on that world. The players trapped within the world are known as adventures while the NPC’s are known as the people of the land, the thing with Log Horizon is the world which they are trapped in, your not sure if its the video game or the actual world and this is where things get tricky trying to figure it out but in a good way as the show teases you in various directions. Shiroe quickly teams up with his old friends and acquaintances as he tries to figure things out, we get to know his friends pretty well (I wish they would let Akatsuki loose more often, she is the boss!) and it is their interactions along with Shiroes strategic mind and just genius intellect that really drives this anime forward, but it is also the playful interactions as well that still manage to keep the show light hearted and entertaining, along with a few love interests thrown in at times for good measure. But also the political element that is introduced gives a real feel of reality to the show too. Overall Log Horizon is a great anime, I love it and there is a reason it is no. 2 on my favourite list. Also season 2 is almost here!


Animation 9/10 It jumps at times from animation drawing to almost 3d cgi at times which is a little weird since the animation itself is fine and doesn’t need that extra kick, its not mind blowing but its perfect for what it is

Characters 8/10 All are great and explored well within a short time (the short time always is the killer)

Plot 9/10 It’s a more realistic take on the MMO genre and it just works

Overall 9 It doesn’t have the same following as other anime’s but it is one of my all time favs

No throwback character this week, its been a messy few weeks with things on, but am getting back into my routine again so will start my throwbacks up again next post 🙂