DJ Blaze Set 6: Unleashed Girls Edition

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Another music video mix for everyone. This one was obviously set for the girls, so I made it all female pop club tracks, so of course the staple artists in pop for the last decade are here. Also lately I have been playing more pop music in the club so been using these tracks a lot more recently, so feels like a fitting time to reshare this mix

Song List
1. Ke$ha – Take It Off
2. Katy Perry Feat Missy Elliot – TGIF
3. Shakira – Waka Waka
4. Beyonce – Girls Run The World
5. Rihanna – S&M
6. 2NE1 – Cant Nobody
7. Lady Gaga – Judas
8. Britney Spears – Till The World Ends

DJ Blaze Set 3: Unleashed Video Mix 4

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So, here is the next video I decided to upload, continuing on my uploading of my videos here rather than Vimeo and Youtube, thou it appears my Vimeo block has been removed… least for now… but it seems to make sense to post them all up here, so I will continue to do so

Anyways, this is an R&B mix and as you can see the video quality is much better and the look of each video and transition is a lot tighter now that I have got a proper feel of how to fine tune the editing process

Anyways, enjoy!

DJ Blaze – Unleashed Video Mix 4 – Song List
1. Mike Posner – Bow Chicka Wow Wow
2. Katy Perry Feat Kanye West – ET
3. Baby Bash Feat Slim Thug – Swanananana
4. Chris Brown & T-Pain – Best Love Song
5. Keri Hilson – Pretty Girl Rock
6. 50 Cent & Jeremiah – Down On Me