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DJ Blaze – SKE Ladies Hip Hop Mix


So, I finally got this mix done and finished, took awhile and I kept putting it off as other things came up (story of my life really) but got to the point where I just decided to put it down as a simple mix rather than mess around with scratch, juggles and acapellas otherwise I would have put it off even longer. So, a little bit of history behind this mix…

Initially I was asked to make a work out mix consisting of all female artists since the good people over at show kings have been interviewing and working with some of the local female Korean body sculptures/builders so having a work out mix catered to them would have been a nice fit. However therein lay the problem, finding enough songs done by female rappers that people not only know but that were also up-tempo enough with a strong enough beat to serve as good work out music. Needless to say, it was a bit of a fail. Why?

Well, think about it, how totally under represented are females in Hip Hop, name your top 20 artists, are any of them female? I highly doubt it, maybe 1 or 2 might sneak into some peoples’ lists but even if they do (Lauryn Hill would have to be up there), that’s still barely 10%. So my song pool was extremely limited, too limited to make a full mix of workout style songs so instead I decided to make it more of a Hip Hop/RnB classic cross mix so I could feature more female artists and still include songs that people would know (Using female artists from current music is even less of an option given how bad they are)

Still, even in doing so, there are obviously a few artists who feature more than others which is a testament to those artists but it is also sad that the industry has really relegated female artists to a mere after thought. Even more sad when you listen to what some of these very talented females artist had to say in their rhymes back then acting as really positive role modals for young females, a far cry from the female hip hop artists of today who are either too caught up on image or no one can understand what the hell they are saying (yes I’m looking at you Iggy)

Ill attach this article as well about Missy Elliot that gives a really good and clear view of how influential some of these female artists were and the legacy they have left behind

Why Missy Elliot’s Legacy is Criminally Underrated 

Once again, Winning is Fun!


So, that was a long weekend! As Im sitting on the train heading back up to Seoul after a week in Busan, it allows me a bit of time to reflect over the week that was. Firstly, I love Busan, I would love to live there if the Seoul DJ scene wasn’t so good. The weather while I was there was almost perfect, had plenty of time to relax, catch up with friends and oh yeah, compete! So in case you missed it, on Saturday was the 3rd BeFm DJ comp, after coming second the previous 2 years, this year I finally managed to get that elusive first place that I had narrowly missed out on the years before. Now while the victory did have a small hollow point for me, overall it still felt pretty good and a relief that I managed to clinch first this year. Going into the competition as a pretty strong favourite wasn’t exactly a fun feeling for me, I’ve always preferred the underdog status and have been pretty used to that in the years now since Ive been in Korea, so knowing coming into this comp that I should win was def a bit of added pressure that didn’t really allow me to relax as much as I normally would before such a comp.

BeFm Stage

Anyways this year was a good group of DJs, we mostly knew each other already so at least before the comp it was easy enough to hang out, joke with each other while hanging around on a hot ass day in Busan. The weather was seriously great thou esp. compared to last year! However we were still waiting and waiting for Pinnacle to show up, which he finally did, just as he was due on stage! Poor bastard, gets on stage and then has a huge equipment fail, yeah that really rounded off his night, so the order got bumped and he got relegated to performing last.


So, quickly thru the DJs.

First up was ColdChillin, I remember his set from the first year where he managed to get 3rd place, this year again he came again with a nice set, struggled to get the crowd into it (an on-going theme all night) but still managed to set a nice medium ish bar.

Next was myself, after making a bit of a meal of my intro… (stupid CDJs, again, another on-going theme all night) I settled into my set well enough, I sold my soul and played Coco… which ended up being a total flop (fml so that pissed me off) but that was where my set abandoned being too technical and went straight to crowd service which worked exactly how I expected it to. With the exception of that stupid coco song, everything went exactly how I planned

akadjblaze BeFm

After me was the Chinese entrant, DJasce, again he played a nice set with some good tracks and good transitions, but once again struggled to get the crowd into it, for his first outing thou Im sure he will learn from it

Next was Idub, another Seoul DJ and also his first year in the comp, again had some good tracks and nice set, managed to get the crowd a bit at times but again struggled to really keep them but did enough with his set to come in 2nd place

Next another top DJ, in his second year competiting, Kiredmik was up and came with a pretty intense set, something like 28 tracks in 9mins, dude playing like the world was about to end! However that kind of play style was quickly lost on the crowd and the medley style of set fell a bit flat and just never gave himself a chance to impress on the crowd

DJ Rell back again was up and again had some nice tracks and had a set a bit more crowd orientated and managed to pick up a few cheers along the way but once again nothing sustained and failed to maintain it throughout but had a couple of good moments up there which was enough to get him 3rd

And finally Pinnacle got back up this time with little technical difficulties aside got to try and bust out his set. He started out with the Next Episode juggle routine made famous by Jazzy Jeff, while I applaud the effort, it is a difficult routine to pull off and he struggled to make it work leaving the crowd standing there just gawking. The rest of his set didn’t bode much better either and in the end you could tell he just wanted the hell out of there

And so that was it, I was only partly paying attention to everyones sets but the overall theme of the night was poor track selection and an inability to get in the crowds face and really control them from start to finish. Oh and shitty CDJs… seriously, one of these years can we get the proper and reliable equipment, just once?


Anyways, after the winners announcement I was called to play a set on stage.. yeah all the preparation! But still I was in the ‘I don’t give a fuck’ stage of mind, just happy that I won so jumped on, played a heap of bangers, had more fun with the crowd, trolled them a little bit cause I now could! Got the other DJs up on stage with me, took a mean selfie that Rell missed out on and overall just rocked out, should prob have planned a set before hand but it didn’t matter in the end.

akadjblaze befm

After the comp we all went, had a mean feed, then basked in free drinks at a club down the road before heading to another club where a couple of us were playing. Overall it was a dam good night!

BeFm Stage

So that is pretty much it, a great week away of chilling and DJn by the beach, catching up with friends, eating some good food and enjoying life! Here is a copy of my final set, its a rough version I just used so I could practice it in my head.

Also waiting on a copy of my interview with Chad on Nightrider on Busan eFM on Monday night. It was nice to finally get in the studio with him and hang out. As for next year, will I enter again… Well we shall see, I was thinking after this year I would like to make way for some other DJs to enter and try their luck but at the same time, the prize money and the chance to come back to Busan again is a pretty good incentive!

DJ Blaze Set List Saturday Jan 24th 2015


So this set list even has some audio to accompany it! Yeah I decided to record the first part of it since it was a very slow night, so ended up playing a ‘house’ set to begin with, thou after 40mins in, it picked up really quickly so switched from chill mode to party mode and stopped recording (wanted a nice house set on file) Also didn’t even play a hip hop set that night so kinda why the numbers of tracks are down from my normal

1. Soul Searcher – Can’t get enough

2. Syn Cole – Miami 82 (Avicii Edit)

3. Dzeko & Torres – Steel Drums

4. Chromeo – Jealous (Solidisco Rmx)

5. Solidisco Ft. Skyy – Top of the World

6. Ariana Grande – Love Me Harder (Martini Crew Remix)

7. Calvin Harris Ft. Ellie Goulding – Outside (DJ Max-wave Rmx)

8. Ariana Grande – Break Free (Zedd & Jon Electra Rmx)

9. Mariah Carey Ft Wale – You Don’t Know What (Rightside & Mark Di Meo Rmx)

10. Solidisco – Work Your Body

11. Fonda Rae – Over Like a Fat Rat (Jazz N Groove Classic Mix)

12. Alessandro Viale Ft. Vaanya Diva – Deeper (Morris Corti Rmx)

13. Justin Timberlake – Sexyback (Ultimix)

14. Robin Thicke Ft. Pharrell – Blurred Lines (Justin Sane Rmx)

15. Bruno Mars – Treasure (Cosmic Dawn Rmx)

16. Far East Movement – Rocketeer (DJ Kue Rmx)

17. DJ Cassidy – Calling All Hearts (Frankie Knuckles Rmx)

18. Daft Punk – Lucky (Starjack Hype Rmx)

19. Mark Ronson – Uptown Funk (Billy Beats Rmx)

20. Michael Jackson – Love Never Felt So Good (Fedde Le Grand Rmx)

21. Rave Radio Ft Chris Willis, Reece Low – Feel The Indigo Love (Chris Royal Rmx)

22. Icona Pop – Just Another Night (Solid Disco Rmx)

23. Mariah Carey – You’re Mine (JS Rmx)

24. Charli Xcx – Boom Clap (Young Bombs Rmx)

25. Harwell Ft Luciana – Arcadia (Merzo Rmx)

26. BK Duke & Shcedule 1 Ft. Jake Pains – Get Messy

27. DJ Bl3nd, Ferry & Crispy Crunch – Side to Side

28. Nicki Minaj – Anaconda (Mark Ianni Bootleg)

29. Flo Rida – Freaking Out

30. T-ara – Sugar Free (Ferry Rmx)

31. Joel Fletcher & Savage – Swing (Combo! Rmx)

32. Joel Fletcher – Afterdark (Rmx)

33. Reece Low – Monk Funk

34. FBTA Ft. Crispy Crunch – ZZang ZZang Man

35. TJR – Ass Hypnotized

36. Timmy Trumpet & Savage – Freaks

37. MAKJ – Lets Get Fucked Up

38. Bombs Away – Baseline Maniacs (Ferry Rmx)

39. Showtek – Bouncer

40. Play-N-Skillz – Literally I Can’t

41. Steve Aoki – Rage The Night Away (Dopeztb Trap Edit)

42. Daddy Yankee – Lovumba

43. Wisin Y Yandel – Also Me Gusta De Ti

44. Don Omar – Danza Kuduro

45. Daddy Yankee – Limbo

46. Michel Telo – Ai Se Eu Te Pego

47. Sean Kingston – Fire Burning

48. Don Omar – Zumba

49. Pitbull – Calle Ocho

50. Beyonce – Run the World

51. Rihanna – S&M

52. 2NE1 – Can’t Nobody

53. GD & TOP Ft. 2NE1 – Oh Yeah

54. Usher – DJ Got Us Falling In Love (Hypercrush)

55. Redfoo – I’ll Award You With My Body

56. David guetta – Play Hard

57. Justice Crew – Everybody

58. Usher – Scream (Seamus Edit)

59. Hardwell Vs Krewella – Apollo Alive

60. Ferry – Feel the Vibe

DJ Blaze Set 7: Smooth Grooves

So as part of my collaboration set with Madholic, I put together this short mixset of the kind of music I reall enjoy playing and it is the kind of music that I have made a name for myself playing over here, so here it is again, enjoy 😀

DJ Blaze & Madholic Collaboration

Set List

1. Ladies Anthem Intro – Crooklyn Clan
2. Weekend thing – Koffee Brown Feat B-12
3. What’s love got to do with it – Warren G Feat. Adina Howard
4. Straighten It Out – Pete Rock & CL Smooth
5. Loungin’ – LL Cool J
6. Everything I Do – Soul 4 Real
7. Steppin’ out – Big Gipp
8. “I’m In Luv” – Joe
9. Moving Up – PM Dawn
10. Do Your Thing – Next
11. Put Me Down – Donell Jones
12. All About You – 2 Pac Feat Nate Dogg & Snoop Dogg
13. Just In Case – JAHEIM
14. “Like A DJ” – JAHEIM
15. DJ Don’t – Gerald Levert
16. Whatever – Ideal feat. Lil Mo
17. ‘Throw It Up’ – Naughty By Nature Feat Tah G Ali
19. Lets Get Naked – Highland Place Mobsters
20. I Want Her – Keith Sweat
DJ Blaze & Madholic

Serato + ME = Winning!

Since my long overdue upgrade to using ME as my video plugin, I have now been using it for a few months and I thought it would be prudent to post up a quick overview of the program, what I like about it and also my screen layout for people (mostly DJs) to look over and get an idea of the work flow, so here is the basic layout

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 9.59.30 pm

So, ignoring the Latest Import Folder being completely un-organised, this is my basic screen, Serato in the back ground, and ME on top. As you can see it is relatively easy to make ME fit over top of a normal Serato Layout since everything can be freely moved around the screen

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 9.59.19 pm

This one shows the Sequencer options which is one of the best things ever! I really wish Serato would make a built in Sequencer to use with like cue points and samples etc… But the sequencer in ME is very powerful, allowing you to use multiple fx to trigger on beat (similar layout to fruity loops) and to create different sequences you can save and trigger at will

For control of everything within Serato I use dicers, for ME I use a midi/usb connector to the mixer and I also use TouchOSC on my iPad to control both Serato and ME


Here is my TouchOSC layout, its a work in progress as I am adjusting it to suit my play style but its almost finished!

So, since switching to ME instead of using Serato Video for my video DJn (mostly at Bar Fly) there is some noticeable differences that I like and loving

1. ME outputs videos at a much higher higher quality

2. ME is adjustable so you can move it around and show or hide windows and is still fully integrated with Serato

3. The Sequencer! This just kicks serious ass! And really allows you to focus on other things rather than trying to mess around with fx etc

That about sums it up, there is differences with fx and transitions but thats not really a big issue since they both come stocked with a lot of options, some different, some the same. There wasn’t much of a learning curve as its pretty simple to use, just a little messing around at first while you get use to it but thats to be expected and once I upgraded to Mavericks OS it has been running very smoothly with no problems. Overall ME is a great product, I just wish Serato would either merge ME fully into their system or sort their shit out and put some more development work into their own Serato Video Program as it has had very little change since its original release, so ME is just really blowing them out of the water.


Video DJn Prep Work

So, for those who might be interested what I do with a lot of my time, quite a bit of it is obviously geared towards DJn and sorting thru the mountains of music available out there and trying to find the right mix or making the right mix of a song to suit my needs. While this is standard for most DJs, things are a little more harder for me because I also do Video DJn

(basically I have the video playing at the same time as the song, for those who don’t know, It requires the use of mp4 video files and what ever I do with the audio it is also shown with the video like loops, scratch, cue etc)

As you can imagine finding music videos is hard in itself, finding high quality ones is even harder and then finding videos with an intro or that are practical for a club is well yeah, hard! So I spend a lot of time doing my own video edits, some are just simple edits like making an intro for a track


or replacing the audio from a video track with a higher quality audio file while other edits can take a lot longer to make depending on what I want to achieve (like adding in remixed intros etc)

While I am pretty good at this process now and it really doesn’t take me long anymore at all to bang out a simple edit, the time consuming part is often waiting for the conversion process to finish which can take anywhere from 10mins to over an hour depending on the video quality.

Then there is some of the Video mixes I do, these take longer, mainly because I like things being a certain way so I tend to spend a lot of time first re-doing the sound recordings


and then editing the video transitions, so the work screen can often look a little something like this


and can be a longer process, but at least the finished product is usually very good (at least I think)

http://vimeo.com/43451987 Or you can see for yourself here 🙂

The program you see is Sony Vegas HD Platinum 10.0, I have been using Vegas for years and is a really easy to use and basic but effective program, however it is time to start learning on some other platforms as well so next posts will be my journey into learning how to use Final Cut X and Logic Pro