Our First Squad Chicken Dinner

We finally managed to put together a Player Unknown Battlegrounds squad, 4 friends trying to survive the madness and not only did we survive, we took out the win as well! Forgot to record my mic thou and also started recording after about 10 mins into the game, missed my epic superman punch take down brawl at the start where I punched out 2 people from another team solo!

So close yet so far, no chicken dinner this time round

Saturday nights seem to be a good time to play for me, last week came first, tonight came a close second. Also got our first duo win last night! Had 2 second place squad games as well, yup we starting to get our roll on in Pub! However, I knew that guy was in the hut… yet I still ignored his ass… such a fail!

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner Solo Win

Got my first solo Chicken dinner in PUB, here is the end of the clip (plus another kill I picked up before running to the final circles) I was pretty lucky really, the dude at the end got the jump on me but because I had pushed up into the final circle, I had the advantage. Boom!