In the Den with Rufio Ep 13

New video up! Been a busy ass month, quite a lot going on and got a lot I need to talk about as well (thou those videos will be coming later, got to keep these some what short…) and no, I don’t have this weekend off, just a single gig at Smash Palace (but least that will be a fun one!) and yes I talk briefly about Made as well 

Team Killers Aren’t Cool

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In the Den with Rufio Ep 12

New video up, some shout outs, DJn updates and of course, I got extra tickets to Seoul Comic Con!! Message me if you want them!! Details towards the end of the video and how that whole thing is working, but yes I will be DJn at Seoul Comic Con, fuck yeah!!

In the Den with Rufio Ep 10

I managed to record my next video when I was in Busan, I will try and do more on the road videos like this over the summer since I should be out and about quite a bit and the change of scenery is always nice! My next video will explain a bit more about the things I am working on at the moment but for now, enjoy checking Gwangali!

Podcast Ep-4 More ‘Ma’ Less Snyder

In this episode we talk about different games and trailers while also talking about the differences between game cultures in the east and west.

What does Hayao Miyazaki do much better than Zack Snyder? Why does Jason, a self-proclaimed lover of all things anime, think DBZ is garbage? Join us as we discuss the Nintendo Switch, RDR2 and Logan trailer, as well how Konami may have just placed the very last stake into the heart of the Metal Gear saga.
— — — —
Topics Covered
– New games! Civilization 6, DBX Xenoverse 2 and finally Last Guardian!
– Jason’s hate for DBZ(!)& the inevitable fail for Metal Gear Survives
– The Japanese Essence of the “Ma” vs. Zack Snyder Syndrome
– Nintendo Switch/Red Dead Redemption and Logan trailer recaps
– Netmarble Suicide and the culture behind it.

0:00 Intro, Jason is back and we start off talking about Civilization 6
4:30 Metal Gear Survive Trailer
6:30 EA games on a one year cycle and where are the NBA jam types games?
9:40 DBZ xenoverse 2 and Jason’s hate of DBZ
12:10 The Ma
16:30 Japanese manga vs Western comics
17:50 Last Guardian Release
21:00 Nintendo Switch Trailer
26:50 Red Dead Trailer
29:20 Logan Trailer
33:00 Dr Strange and no more Snyder
35:30 The benefits of Netflix
40:40 Netmarble suicide
49:50 Korean Presidential scandal begins
51:19 Shocking moment in Walking Dead and other shocking moments in games

Podcast Ep-2 Grab Them by the VR

Welcome to episode 2 of the Gangnam Gamers podcast, this is our second episode, have a watch and check below the video for the contents and extra bits

Podcast 2 Summary

0min Intro and talking about Samsung Galaxy Note – Lipo (Lithium Polymer) batteries (used in high performance devices like drones) Vs Lithium Ion batteries (in cell phones) A great article here talks about these two battery types

8min Trump pussy grabber game

9:30min Locker room privacy and private talk Vs public forum. Gaming culture and gaming smack talk

16:40min As gamers grow up and become political, could gamers smack talk and IDs be used against them? Also gaming smack talk taken out of context and the power of words vs power of intent

20:40min Should we change our ways or accept this is happening? Things in the gaming world are becoming more realistic, so the intent is becoming more real

22:15min VR is here, it is evolving, but Facebook is looking to merge with Oculus combining VR with social media. Face capture, portraying emotion in real time.

26:18min History of avatars and living within a new reality or creating a different personality set in a fictional word

27:30min Because gaming is becoming more realistic, does that make things too realistic? Empathy Vs VR?

30:30min VR is at year zero

32:30min Social interactions and what are they these days? People disengage from the real world

34:20min What is the real world? What is real? What is more real? Is reality reality?

37:00min No drugs so VR to escape and create another reality, do we want to step into a virtual world?

40:00min Dan taps out, PS VR comes out and talking about the games esp BatmanVR Arkham VR

43:00min No man sky numbers drop massively

47:00min Mafia 3 has some quality control problems and a game that comes about during the time when social issues are major problem. Also do these games cheapen violence, merge that with VR, video game morality

52:30min Gears 4 drops

54:00min Games we playing. PewDiePie Tuber simulator

Kairosoft shout out (Game Dev Story)

56:30min Naruto Blazin

Podcast Ep-1 The Beginning

Welcome to the Gangnam Gamers podcast, so as I said, things have changed up big time for me the last few months and while this has been out for awhile, I am going to share all our podcasts here as well on my DJ page. I will post a couple a week till I catch up to where the podcast is currently at and also add a few extra pieces of information, links etc that might have been missing from the episode (or that I forgot to talk about). So here is our first one! (we did do 2 or 3 before this just as testers but this is the first one we went with) Enjoy! Extra information is below.

Podcast Contents:

0min: Introductions and talking about COD Modern Warfare remastered and Infinity Warfare.

9min: Pokémon Go and it not being in Korea yet.

14:45min: PoGo alternatives (crayon pang go go) and talking about Korean Protectionism of businesses.

22:10min: NYCC and Luke Cage.

24:50min: Fix, I was mixing this up when I was talking about it, so we do have a SAO game coming, was hoping to see footage of that game at NYCC but I want a new VR Sao type game 🙂

27:40min: Brooklyn Beat Down and Street Fighter. Also shout out to Infiltration.

28:44min: Games we are playing – Clash Royale, Wii super Mario galaxy, Ire: Bloody Memory, Dota2, Mario 64, Halo 5, One Piece Treasure Cruise, Command & Conquer. We also talk about using chat wheels in a passive/aggressive nature.

38:00min: Shout out to Ten Birds Korean game company.

39:00min: Spartan company name: The Spartiai Extraordinarii.

45:00min: C&C vs VR and micro control.

48:35min: Typhoon Chabba