DJ Blaze Set 5: Unleashed Video Mix 8

This video doesn’t exist

Ok so here is my next video. It is one of the last videos I have made, I finished it before Unleashed 7, but becasue I made them both around the same time, I put this at 8 since the tracks were slightly newer than the tracks on 7.

This video by far came out the best of all my videos, from about 4 onwards I really had a good grasp of how to make them pretty much the way I like and near perfect quality, also it was much easier to get hold of HD copies of each of these videos too, so hope you enjoy

I will upload the rest and share them but its also about time I made some new mixes as well (I have about 3 or 4 old ones that are half finished that were going to be in the series, guess could always just finish them off too)


Unleashed Volume 8 Track List
1. J Lo Feat Pitbull – Dance Again
2. Big Bang – Fantastic Baby
3. Chris Brown – Turn Up The Music
4. Far East Movement – Live My Life
5. Jay Sean Feat Pitbull – I’m All Yours
6. Ne-Yo – Burnin’ Up

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