Podcast Ep-1 The Beginning

Welcome to the Gangnam Gamers podcast, so as I said, things have changed up big time for me the last few months and while this has been out for awhile, I am going to share all our podcasts here as well on my DJ page. I will post a couple a week till I catch up to where the podcast is currently at and also add a few extra pieces of information, links etc that might have been missing from the episode (or that I forgot to talk about). So here is our first one! (we did do 2 or 3 before this just as testers but this is the first one we went with) Enjoy! Extra information is below.


Podcast Contents:

0min: Introductions and talking about COD Modern Warfare remastered and Infinity Warfare.

9min: Pokémon Go and it not being in Korea yet.

14:45min: PoGo alternatives (crayon pang go go) and talking about Korean Protectionism of businesses.

22:10min: NYCC and Luke Cage.

24:50min: Fix, I was mixing this up when I was talking about it, so we do have a SAO game coming, was hoping to see footage of that game at NYCC but I want a new VR Sao type game 🙂

27:40min: Brooklyn Beat Down and Street Fighter. Also shout out to Infiltration.

28:44min: Games we are playing – Clash Royale, Wii super Mario galaxy, Ire: Bloody Memory, Dota2, Mario 64, Halo 5, One Piece Treasure Cruise, Command & Conquer. We also talk about using chat wheels in a passive/aggressive nature.

38:00min: Shout out to Ten Birds Korean game company.

39:00min: Spartan company name: The Spartiai Extraordinarii.

45:00min: C&C vs VR and micro control.

48:35min: Typhoon Chabba

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