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The Pokedex Entries

Deoxys Raids in Seoul

With my current success with live streaming Pokemon Go, it is time to build on that by also making and uploading short videos showing my exploits in Seoul. From raids to PvP tournaments, I will try to cover these much more regularly and it gives me a way to keep releasing content! So here is the first video. Enjoy!

June Update 2019

It keeps on being awhile between updates, I really must strive to do better with my own website.

I have done well with my Facebook and I’m making way with my streaming but it’s still not consistent and that’s something I really need to improve. But in saying that, it’s not easy when things keep changing and get more hectic! I have been recording a lot more stuff and have a few videos that I need to edit and upload so I have content, just need to sort it out and start posting it up!

Also follow me on Twitch!! Making a big push there and need the followers! https://www.twitch.tv/akadjblaze Continue reading “June Update 2019”

In the Den with Rufio Ep 10

I managed to record my next video when I was in Busan, I will try and do more on the road videos like this over the summer since I should be out and about quite a bit and the change of scenery is always nice! My next video will explain a bit more about the things I am working on at the moment but for now, enjoy checking Gwangali!

In the Den with Rufio Ep 9

New video up, didn’t put one out last week because I was too busy playing #pokemongo
This week I talk about #ghostintheshell and how even though I enjoyed it, there was still some major issues with is. Also new #anime season is on us, yes! So I talk about #attackontitan #myheroacademia also #narutoshippuden has finally finished and keep an eye out for #berserk Finally this weekend I will be going to the #overwatch Apex finals, yeah boi!


Podcast Ep-1 The Beginning

Welcome to the Gangnam Gamers podcast, so as I said, things have changed up big time for me the last few months and while this has been out for awhile, I am going to share all our podcasts here as well on my DJ page. I will post a couple a week till I catch up to where the podcast is currently at and also add a few extra pieces of information, links etc that might have been missing from the episode (or that I forgot to talk about). So here is our first one! (we did do 2 or 3 before this just as testers but this is the first one we went with) Enjoy! Extra information is below.

Podcast Contents:

0min: Introductions and talking about COD Modern Warfare remastered and Infinity Warfare.

9min: Pokémon Go and it not being in Korea yet.

14:45min: PoGo alternatives (crayon pang go go) and talking about Korean Protectionism of businesses.

22:10min: NYCC and Luke Cage.

24:50min: Fix, I was mixing this up when I was talking about it, so we do have a SAO game coming, was hoping to see footage of that game at NYCC but I want a new VR Sao type game 🙂

27:40min: Brooklyn Beat Down and Street Fighter. Also shout out to Infiltration.

28:44min: Games we are playing – Clash Royale, Wii super Mario galaxy, Ire: Bloody Memory, Dota2, Mario 64, Halo 5, One Piece Treasure Cruise, Command & Conquer. We also talk about using chat wheels in a passive/aggressive nature.

38:00min: Shout out to Ten Birds Korean game company.

39:00min: Spartan company name: The Spartiai Extraordinarii.

45:00min: C&C vs VR and micro control.

48:35min: Typhoon Chabba