Overwatch Open Pacific Division Week 5

In the end, it all falls apart…

Well, it is over, done and dusted. Our first venture into the competitive arena of video games. We had some ups and downs but hopefully throughout it all, the team learned something along the way. And that is what this was all about, learning something new. Learning more about the game and how it is played on a more cohesive and professional level. To see just how much time and effort teams and players put in to the game and seeing first hand how much of a difference it makes. To learn just how detailed the game can be and how intricate the strategies are which make the game that much more impressive and also shows just where the differences lie between regular and pro players.

Welcome to the new tank meta

Our last game was really a blow out. With half of our team in doubt for the weekend and with no practice the week before, it was going to be hard. We had to default our first game because our players were all busy. For our second game we did end up having 8 of us there to play however we just weren’t paying attention to the game and got destroyed because of it.

Could even touch the point

Lijiang Tower: On control we got our first taste of trip and quad tank, something that is likely to become meta now the new Mercy patch is live. Not having enough experience running our own tank heavy line up, we were easily pushed back and split up. Again, not grouping up or coordinating our attacks saw us playing like a hot mess of a team, making life very easy for our opponents.

Getting use to seeing this screen…

Route 66: Escort wasn’t much better. On attack we couldn’t group up or focus down any of the enemy and ended up being split most of the time, again making it too easy for our opponents to pick us off one by one.

Fastest defeat ever…

Temple of Anubis: While assault has been good to us in the past, our team was all but defeated before this final match begun. No cohesion on attack saw a defensive dive easily decimate us time and time again. On our own defense we couldn’t even set up properly before that match started, too much messing around saw our opponents in our faces within seconds of the game starting, possibly team wiping us in record time.

Least I got the gold flash!

Trying to organize a team of random people coming together to play a game that requires so much team work is difficult at the best of times especially when coming up against opponents who have played this way for much longer. It really showed in the mindset of our team, not being able to take things seriously when needed and not focusing on playing as a team. Our biggest problems ended up being

  • Limited hero pools and non-meta mains
  • New team line up every week
  • General inexperience
  • No team practice
  • Communication

In general a lot of people play the game in the mindset of an individual. This is why I get sick of playing competitive mode so easily. Our team played the game like they are in solo queue for comp mode, they just try to focus and survive the game on their own and make as many plays as they can and hope to win instead of working with the other players in the team as a unit. Reinforcing a lot of the perception of how low elo players play the game. It isn’t easy to break a mindset like that when you are use to playing that way for so long. Even harder when your up against the wall for most of the matches.

Moving forward: As a team, if we were to try and compete again, it would only be if everyone agrees to put more time into the team. We need to practice, at least once a week as well as turning up early for games on the weekend and having some warm up games as well. It is a heavy time commitment but to do ourselves justice and to move forward as a team, we would need to at least do that much. Anything less would see us perform exactly the same way and learn nothing from this past experience.

Personally however, after having this taste of competitive gaming and with my own ambitions in the field of esports, I have managed to join up with the Australian Amateur Overwatch League as a free-agent, being assigned to a team. This will allow me to continue to develop as a player but more importantly, continue to gain more experience in the field of professional esports. Stay tuned as I continue my blogging for our upcoming season in the AAOL.

Final Result: X-Pats 3 wins, 7 loses, Rank 65 of 79

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