AAOL – Australian Amateur Overwatch League Season 3

Looks like I have found my niche in gaming as we start the new AAOL season

After finishing the Pacific Open Division I managed to join up in time for the AAOL. An amateur Overwatch tournament run in Australia and NZ. Even thou I am over in Korea, being an online tournament with a small time zone difference, I am able to participate without problems. I was wanting to join the KTV league but their game times are on a Friday night and I wouldn’t quite make it back in time from work to play. But since the AAOL is on Saturday, it works out perfectly for me with games being played at 5pm Korean time.

We got off to a good start

Basically the rules of this tournament are teams can be made up of any player as long as their SR is below 4000. After stage 1, teams will be split into different divisions depending on their results. So the first round is basically used as a seeding round. The rules are pretty standard and seems to be similar to the Open Division, so it is closely mirroring that of the professional leagues. Once seeding is done, there should be some pretty well rounded divisions (hopefully)

Being a late sign up and also having shit SR at the moment, I was thrown in as a free agent. Luckily there were quite a few free agents signing up so we were all placed into a team together. There are 2 free agent teams, I got placed in Team 1 aka the team that didn’t show up on the first day fml. So while we have 10 players on our roster, only 3 made it on Saturday. Luckily we did manage to get a few players to sub in for us so we at least got to play and it was really good to play with the subs we picked up as one of the subs was a really good shot caller. It was the first time I have played with someone who actually calls shots during a game and my god does it make a huge difference! This was the exact reason why I wanted to join an organised team and league.

Ended up being a rough game

As for the game, we ended up losing, but it was great being able to experience playing like that. I was stuck on Moira for the first 2 maps which just didn’t suit me at all. I have only played her a little bit and just couldn’t get in a good position with her esp as we were running dive. I should have just played Ana. By the time I did get to switch to a tank, most of the team was already done playing and slightly tilted (I hate Hanzo players…) So personally I didn’t get much of a chance to do anything except be a passenger.

Hanzo head shot just as I dropped my ult…

Now begins the task of getting our players together, and then trying to forge them into a team. At first I was a little concerned since we hadn’t really heard anything from our players but we did manage to get 6 of us together and things are now starting to look quite promising, will see how things go after our first proper match together this weekend, trial by fire always sorts things out!

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