June Update 2019

It keeps on being awhile between updates, I really must strive to do better with my own website.

I have done well with my Facebook and I’m making way with my streaming but it’s still not consistent and that’s something I really need to improve. But in saying that, it’s not easy when things keep changing and get more hectic! I have been recording a lot more stuff and have a few videos that I need to edit and upload so I have content, just need to sort it out and start posting it up!

Also follow me on Twitch!! Making a big push there and need the followers! https://www.twitch.tv/akadjblaze

So where am I currently at… well! Teaching is the obvious one, that is still sucking up the majority of my time. Counting down the days on that one lol.

Then there is DJn. Well this summer filled up dam quickly! Aside from events and parties like the GSM cruise and NZ Wine Festival and an upcoming trip to the Mud Festival, I’ve picked up some new residencies too.

GSM Neon Party was a blast!

The first and big one is DJn Saturday afternoons at Goose Island in Gangnam from 1-5pm. Takes a big chunk of time away from my weekends but it’s a really nice gig! Place has good beer and food too!

Beer, food and music… perfect!

The second gig I am starting is at Awesome in Sinsa. I’ll be doing Friday and Saturday nights on their resident line up there. A really nice hip hop bar with massive screens across the whole wall so video DJn is a perfect fit there!

Then the third is more of a confirmation than anything else of my on going Saturday night residency at GSM Terrace which has been a good opportunity to play and learn many more different and random genres of music.

Season regular now

And lastly of course I still do a few nights at Living Room every month, the number one and my favorite spot!

So 4 residences, and that’s not including the events, events for GSM, Good Times ROK and OTO Records… I said I wanted to go out with a bang but god dam lmao but then again, show me the money!!

So because of this, my free time has been basically destroyed. I have had to cut back on a lot of stuff, mainly gaming related unfortunately. The only thing I am keeping going in that department is Pokémon Go since that is where I am getting the most traction with my streams and organising PvP tournaments is really easy. So Sunday’s my only free day is now taken up playing Pokémon Go with either raids or PvP tournaments which is actually really enjoyable.

A successfully ran regional Pokemon tournament

So now that I have a somewhat stable routine, I can try and start stepping it up at the gym and make some real progress there while also getting some of my recorded content out and shared and start building on my social media! Chur!

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