The Battle Diaries – And so it begins

A Sinister Beginning

With Go Battle League on its way and my new found love of Pokemon Go with the emergence of the Silph Arena, it is time to start cataloging my teams, battles and experiences. To this end, coupled with my other love of making the world come more alive by bringing the Pokemon Go AR experience into my photography, I will endeavor to write about this here on my extremely sporadic website!

There will be throwbacks to Season 1 of the Sliph Arena and also AR pictures that I have worked on previously but most of this should be concentrated on Season 2 and the start of the Go Battle League (and also my trip around Europe and move back to NZ) So there is plenty to cover!

The Sinister Cup kicked off Season 2 of the Silph league and it was an expensive cup. Once again saying goodbye to a ton of stardust! Only Ghost-, Fighting-, Psychic- and Steel-type Pokemon were allowed in this cup, with a specific ban on Dark-types, Skarmory, Hypno and Mythicals (a.k.a Deoxys-Defense) The meta game ended up being mostly a RPS match up revolving around Ghost – Fighting – Steel with the Psychic types making for some slight variation.

This was the first season where I was also competing in online battles, joining 3 different online tournaments to add to my regular 2 in person tournaments, greatly increasing the amount of games I would be playing each month. This has its pros and cons, especially if I do bad with some of my tournaments which can greatly affect my win loss ratio and my trainer rank. The positive side it means I get a lot more battles in each month which allows me to go up against a bigger variety of trainers and to hopefully use that to improve my game play. We shall see if it works, because we got off to a bad start especially in the early tournaments but we did manage to turn that around slightly as the month progressed, climbing back to make my months performance somewhat respectable. However, the poor performance in my weighted cup hurt my ranking, a lot! Lets see how the next month goes.

Sinister stats:

6 Tournaments, no first place finishes

Best tournament: 3W 2L (Tyranitar Sinister Cup & Fuchsia 8 Sinister Cup)

Weighted Cup: 1W 4L

26 games: 11 wins, 15 losses, 42% Win Ratio

Marcus Powell has been living and working in South Korea since 2010. Aside from writing for small publications, he is also a popular Club DJ, Gamer, Commuinty manager, esports fan and anime enthusiast.

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