The Battle Diaries – Missing in action

The Ferocious Cup

Even though I had Umbreon in my team, it was a bluff, it didn’t have Last Resort

The month of November gave us rise to a new type of themed cup from Silph Arena. The Ferocious Cup was the first cup to not be restricted to a handful of typing’s as the theme, but instead to a whitelist of 130 species, or as they like to say, “land-based beast pokemon inspired by the fearsome beasts that rule the land”. While the goal of this cup was to provide an interesting and diverse meta, it still ended up revolving around a single Pokemon (one that I didn’t have) and that was Last Resort Umbreon.

The positive thing about the Ferocious Cup however was that teams built around Umbreon had a decent amount of room for variation making it a pretty fun cup. Again it wasn’t the cheapest cup with some extra Pokemon needed to be powered up that you wouldn’t normally think to use. After a rough start to the first cup, I was hoping to make some stronger inroads and for the most part I did, however, I was struggling not having a Last Resort Umbreon or a Last Resort Vaporeon. This along with a mistake with determining my ranked cup saw me not make any headway in my ranking, but at least I managed to get over a 50% win ratio (barely)

Ferocious stats:

5 Tournaments, no first place finishes, 1 soft 2nd place finish

Best tournament: 3W 2L (8th Seoul Battle League)

Weighted Cup: 2W 3L

21 games: 11 wins, 10 losses, 52% Win Ratio

Marcus Powell has been living and working in South Korea since 2010. Aside from writing for small publications, he is also a popular Club DJ, Gamer, Commuinty manager, esports fan and anime enthusiast.

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